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Reviews For The Heck Podcast

Your politics are getting in the way of your message it seems. You attack Christian brothers with impunity and I can’t take it. Gotta go.
I “accidentally” stumbled onto Peter Heck’s podcast about a couple years ago. Not only does he deliver an intelligent and accurate political analysis of current events, I was pleased to discover he does so from a biblical perspective. Being a believer in Christ and living in Southern California, there is a presence of conservatism (more so in Southern California). However, we are constantly being attacked and almost forced to accept liberal political ideals from Hollywood elites or political activists from San Francisco. It refreshing to hear there are other believers like Peter that are challenging those ideas way over from his home state in Indiana. My only complaint would be his podcast are not longer. Great stuff!
My husband and I are new (and now huge) fans of this podcast. The short episodes are great but the sermons are...Wow! We enjoy his humor and really really enjoy the wisdom and the anointing in his teaching.
Great, short podcasts to kick off my day, most of the time.
Peter Heck’s podcast is simply one of the best. It’s short and succinct, but you still get more out than other podcasts which go on for hours. It’s always a great encouragement, with all the conservative and liberal news sources in the world, to listen to someone whose only bias is God’s Word.