Reviews For Voices of VR Podcast – Designing for Virtual Reality

I’m a college student barely learning about the VR scene and this is hands down my favorite podcast for learning about the different ways in which this medium can positively enhance various sectors of industry. The host is sooo good and always gets really interesting people to interview. Great podcast please keep it up it’s so impressive that you’ve been so consistent for the last 5 years good on you!!
So much of the VR industry still feels rough around the edges and experimental, so it's refreshing just how professional Kent has been with the Voices of VR podcast right from the beginning. Seriously, it feels like something you should have to pay some enormous corporate fee for, and I'm enormously grateful we don't have to. Support Ken on Patreon so he can keep doing what he's doing!
Big fan of show, but PLEASE CHANGE THE THEME SONG it makes it so i dont want to listen to your episodes anymore. Very distracting, because i get excited by the show. Sounds too much like a idiotic conspriracy theory show, hard to take seriously. Maybe like a cheesey xfiles knock off. Topics are always really interesting, want to continue with it. WOULD ALSO CHANGE THE THUMBNAIL IMAGE, it looks too new age mystical... too over the top psychedelic. I love trippy art (and psilocybin) but it looks really aged. Hard for me to want to share it, ppl wont take me seriously if these things arent changed.
What I love about this podcast is depth. It's educational and approacheable for an average listener, but every episode also has a lot of depth for the listener who wants to get deeper into each topic. Really appreciate the thoughtfulness of Kent's interview questions!
voices of vr like a shootin star he zips around the globe thank god he aint a germ-o-phobe go go ken bye just "dive right in" do or do not my take-away "is that" there is no try
Thinking about getting into VR/AR? Been in VR/AR for awhile and trying to get a better handle on the ecosystem? If that's a yes to either of these questions--or the million other reasons people are hunting for quality content to help learn and understand the emerging world of VR/AR--than it's time to listen to Voices of VR. Kent has the most thorough understanding of the VR/AR landscape and goes deep in his interviews without loosing his listeners' interest. He can draw parallels and close loops in a discussion that encompass artistic intent and technical specifications. Truly, there is no one more qualified than Kent to document the evolution of this new medium and no podcast as outstanding as Voices of VR.
Very focused on every aspect of VR. No fluff. No irrelevant stories having nothing at all to do with VR. So far every episode has provided me insight and indepth analysis. Good stuff.
It's incredible how much quality content is produced by this podcast. Multiple weekly digestible episodes where he interviews someone in the field and then gives an analysis of that interview. A great foundational podcast for the emerging industry. If you are at all interested in developing for VR this is a must subscribe.
Every episode is very informative and entertaining. Since I can't quite afford a VR setup yet, this podcast keeps me in the loop with all the stuff that happens in the background.
Easily the best VR podcast I have listened to!
Kent Bye’s ability to interview both academics, entertainers, engineers, businesspeople, and artists in the world of virtual reality makes him the best reporter on the scene. Dive right in.
I didn't care much for VR. Then I tried the Vive. Then I listened to Kent from current, backwards till about 500. Then I spent 5 weeks camped out at a company 1400km from my home that has a Vive so I could jam and prototype on it. Now I'm on episode 400, and it's still all very very exciting. Kent is doing incredibly important work, getting this very important conversation going, documenting it, spreading it.
The Voices of VR podcast is fantastic and Kent Bye is a terrific host. The broad range of guests, experts from every possible discipline relating to VR, provide insight and inspiration for anyone working in or looking to learn more about this emerging medium. The podcast also functions as an important historical document. In years to come it will be fascinating to listen back to these early conversations in which the shape of the metaverse gradually takes form. As host, Kent does a great job of filling in the gaps in the story. At times going all the way back to the earliest explorations by academics and the military, and always looking forward to the ultimate potential of VR, he is a thoughtful and genuine guide with a warm voice and a relaxed interviewing style. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.
I don't know how Kent Bye keeps up with the pace of releasing new podcasts near daily, but I'm glad he does. This is an outstanding interview-style podcast on the absolute bleeding edge of VR innovation, issues and events. Could not recommend more highly to anyone in or exploring a career in the virtual arts.
Kent does an amazing job running his own news feed, helping those who share the similar interest in VR. Each day I am learning new things on this ever evolving and fresh tech. This is the best podcast if you want to stay on the frontier of VR.
Remarkable diversity! Clear editing, constant updates, and not so much get-to-know-you conversation with the guests or other goofing off. The interviews also get into the backgrounds and goals of the guests versus only what the organizations are working on, which adds some great insight.
I've learned so much about VR just from listening to Kent's podcast. Voices of VR goes above and beyond on representing VR community in the best way possible.
So many perspectives presented and represented in this podcast. A variety of VR/AR pioneers bring their expertise into a conversation with host, Kent Bye, for a great lstening+learning experience. It's an indespensible source of research for me, personally, and for my business strategy.
Best podcast to learn about VR!
Really interesting podcast covering latest developments concerning VR and AR, and where the things may be heading in the future.
I listen to it every day. Keep it up!
This is a very informative podcast about VR with regular updates and covers a wide range of topics related to the technology from games and entertainment to arts, educational applications and medicine. Kent has a way of going into each subject with depth and clarity that is really facisinating to listen to.
Kent Bye and the Voices of VR podcast is critical listening both for those beginning their VR learning journey and for those already immersed into the space. With poignant questions and significant knowledge of VR/AR, Kent guides the speakers in interesting and useful conversations in a quickly changing and high growth industry. The vast library of podcasts covers a wide range of topics across all areas of VR from hardware, software platforms, content creation, and more. Many thanks to Kent for informing a growing community of VR users and influencers.
Every episode is an education, and a variety of guests speaking on all sorts of interesting subjects from the technical to the artistic to the cultural to the spiritual. Kent is an excellent interviewer, keeping his guests on track while putting them at ease and allowing each to deliver their perspectives in their own styles.
Great way to pass time while waiting on my rift headset. Every interview seems to offer a unique perspective on what VR has to offer. It really is awesome to hear that so much passion is behind this innovative tech.
This podcast is exactly what I was looking for. Kent interviews the some of the best and brightest in VR. It's great to hear people discuss their ideas and visions for this up and coming medium
No silly bantor here. The quality of this podcast is excellent. He gets top, industry leading individuals. The podcasts are under 30 minutes and the questions show a deep understanding to VR. I support this podcast with a monthly donation as well.
I’ve been looking actively for VR podcasts and there are some good ones out there but voices of VR is clearly the best. Knowledgable host + great guests = VR gold.
This podcast is easily one of the most informative and interesting vr podcasts out there. Great interviews with a ton of information crammed into the show. A must for anyone wanting to stay up on the latest breakthroughs in the technology and psychology of vr/ar.
Kent speaks with the core of the VR community to connect you directly to the folks building the industry and asks the questions that you would as an educated and enthusiastic observer of the space. This podcast is info-dense and highly recommended.
I listen to all the vr podcasts and this one is becoming my favorite. interesting interviews short and to the point. Keep up the great work!