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Honestly this Podcast deserves a listen but the poor quality Audio makes listening a chore. Anke Koning
I really enjoy this podcast. The subjects are always interesting and wide-ranging. I’ve listened to every one of these since the very start. The only critique I’d offer is that the audio production is not always the best. Sometimes the levels are too low and not at the same volume among the different people speaking making it hard to hear occasionally.
A informative listen every week.
If you want to understand what is happening and identify what is important this is an excellent podcast. Discussions here retain importance and relevancy beyond the news cycle.
Love Woocast for discussing the how and why you don't get from headlines or other news podcasts. It gives a deep understanding of the race.
My favorite election podcast. It's great. Informative, interesting, data driven.
Sam Wang and the Princeton Election Consortium are tremendous resources for understanding American Politics and identifying the changes in that realm. As Sam likes to point out, lots of data points can be distilled to a rather stable system of slowly shifting public perceptions. Keep up the good work. PEC is a forerunner or precursor to the development of a new medium of political involvement.
I like listening to them talk. I learn a lot and it's reasonably entertaining.
Incredibly insightful and fun too! A must listen
A statistically rigorous approach to interpreting political polls that also manages to be entertaining. If you thought you like 538, try this.
Politics and Polls has rapidly become one of my favorite sources for quality election information. Julian and Sam provide historical context married with data in a non-partisan fact-based analysis of polls and elections. If you listen from the beginning, stick with it, the quality of the podcast improves consistently with each episode.
Excellent -- insightful look at how the media does shape our perceptions during election season.
I've been watching and covering elections for more than 50 years. Unfortunately it's also been more than 50 years since achieving some degree of proficiency in statistics. It takes me longer to follow the Path of Sam Wang. But his methodology is virtually flawless and has a level of consistency that is remarkable. There's something else about PEC - Sam Wong is essential, but it's obvious the Consortium involves a collegial discussion among others that is open. Occasionally the great Sam misses some element and he openly answers and fixes. The podcasts are worth the time. Outstanding. There is no room for political hacks who waste everyone's time with bilge.
Your projection that Trump will continue to slide through the election in the low 40's suggests he's nearly immune from all the gaffes. One wonders what's going on in the electorate's head (as well as his).
Love this podcast. It's quickly become one of my favorites!
Approaches a different political topic each week from multiple perspectives that showcase the in-depth knowledge of Princeton professors Zelizer and Wang. Looks past the media ratings-driving bombast to discuss issues using historical context and statistics — providing listeners with not just a solid analysis of the latest political events, but also a well-informed lens through which to consider them.
Tired of blowhards this election season? This podcast will not disappoint.


By Danno X
A political scientist and a scientist who analyzes polls get together to review the presidential campaign.