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Great show, fun people, real info. Can't ask for much more, especially for free! Even though they are gone, download all of the episodes and enjoy!
myka is awesome! chris’ voice and stutter is really annoying. he also always makes it very clear that he thinks of himself as superior to myka. chris should be replaced with someone who is much less annoying and who treats myka as an equal
Hilarious. Please come back!!
Chris and Myka must return in the future!
I truly love this podcast. Nothing is off limits or too taboo. It makes me feel normal, which is a huge and welcomed accomplishment. I love Myka and whatever his name is.
Hope you guys come back!
Entertaining and somehow informative. Great job
They have a wonderful formula that is tested and and polished. They treat a taboo topic honestly, authentically, and academically. At the same time, they have an irreverent approach and don't take themselves seriously. They can be vulgar, because of their fun approach, but they are never raunchy or nasty. The interview format has me anxiously awaiting each new episode, to hear new, interesting stories from funny people. Please keep it running!
Procrastaned too long… :/
Chris Laker and Myka Fox are very good hosts and I'm stoned and that's all I can think of.
I love the podcast and look forward to the new one every week. Chris and Myka are the best and teach us all to not jack-shame. I love you guys!
Not really, it's over...but this podcast has helped to ease the pain and for that I am eternally grateful to Chris laker and myka fox.
Very educational and funny. Five stars
I found this podcast while I was poking around the Cave Comedy website - and I do have to admit that I listened to the guys from Last Podcast first because they were the most familiar to me. But oh wow. I'm constantly amazed by each persons story. People have things in common but no one has the exact same kink or turn on. And it's absolutely fascinating to hear how everyone is different. It honestly makes me want to bring this up with my friends just to hear what everyone's experience has been. I've recommended this podcast to a few friends and it's sparked some interesting conversation. ...I wish I could come up with a different word for interesting. But thank you for this honest podcast and keep it up!
I just started this, and am excited to hear more! It's a creative concept.
Ha! I often weird people out by laughing out loud during the day remembering myka's one-liners. Last night I woke people up in the hostel dorm in Colombia where I was sleeping. From laughing. And jackin.
This is my current favorite podcast. I like Chris' silky delivery and skill at making the guest fell comfortable enough to share intimate details from their past. Myka adds many creative and funny comments. I find that my past mirrors those of many other pre-Internet masturbators, and for some reason that is comforting. Who left those magazines in the woods? I didn't ask the question in the early 80s, but it comes up all the time on this gem of a podcast. Chris and Myka both have good radio voices and the quick wit I appreciate in a pod caster. The guests are usually very entertaining people, who occasionally have a podcast of their own that I have enjoyed. Do yourself a favor and try an episode or two, you won't regret it.
This hilariously entertaining podcast saved me during many a late night shift at work. Chris and Myka are the best! I listen to a lot of CCR but this is quickly becoming one of my favorites! I hope y'all never stop doing what you're doing!


This show is great and an original. The guests are always interesting and Chris keeps it going well without getting weird. Even though It's already a podcast about jacking, but yeah. And the ad-libs are great.
Ive listened to every episode and and highly recomend it! Myka and Chris are the best duo.But for the love of god, BOOST THE VOLOUME TO MATCH OTHER PODCASTS! I boost it myself in goldwave, do you want my copy? its hard to get new jackers when they cant hear how great you are. Otherwise, the best 30min of my week.
I love this freakin show. It's great they bring this topic out of the darkness.
In my podcast app, This Week in Jackin' is right next to This American Life. There's a big difference between the two. I listen to This Week in Jackin' every single week.


By Zacktex
I've been jackin it since i was 5 years old...dry fire for many years then boom! Myka Foxxx and Chris Laker are such great hosts, so fun to listen to. And its so great they are talking openly about a subject that is kept quiet - why? We all do it, and thank goddess we can...can you imagine a world of dudes who can't j/o?
Chris Laker and Myka Fox are a wonderful team - and their noble quest to end self-love shaming is really fun to experience. Even when the guest is a dud (which rarely happens!), this podcast is well worth a subscription.
I liked the CCR podcasts, but screw that noise, yall put out something that matters! Yall are doing the lord's work, take your pleasure seriously, and keep on Jackin!
Love the podcast! The guests and hosts are funny and open and honest. Great anti-jack shaming. It's also a fantastic source for new stuff to jack to. Two minor issues (sorry Chris): First, the recording level seems a bit low. I often have to crank it (the sound, not my junk) to hear you all clearly. Second, more bi-male/gay guests. Great work though, love it!!!
This podcast is one of the highlights of my week and never disappoints. It stays at the top of my weekly rotation. I've been a Chris Laker fan and now I am a Myka Fox fan! These two host are great together.
This is one of my favorite podcasts I listen to every week. Even when work stresses me out it always calms me down and makes me happy. Good work everyone
Honest, humane and unusual. I'd probably give it four and a half stars if that was an option, because while these guys are quite funny, the ad libs don't usually rise to the level of genius that I hear on a few select podcasts. But that exceptional level of genius makes me feel like a deformed troglodyte, while the jackin' habits of TWIJ guests often makes me seem like a perfectly reasonable person, which I appreciate. TWIJ should be required listening for all 15-year-olds.
Chris... here's another review to keep you happy! Please put me in on the good listener list now. I love the honest discussion about something most of us are very embarrased to talk about. As I listen it brings me back to my adolescence and the crazy things I did while discovering myself. I'm glad they've chosen a taboo topic to discuss and it helps me relax during my daily 1 hour commute. Keep it up!!!!


This is the most interesting podcast I've ever heard! Keep it up!
The thing is, I was sure I was "doing it right". I thought it felt good and I was completely positive that I had had orgasms before. If you had asked me about it I would have been unequivocal in my response. But after listening to a few podcasts I realized that I wasn't "doing it right" at all. And after a little research I realized that instead of masturbating I was giving myself diabetes. I am still alive and I have finally "done it right". :) Many thanks to my Dr, Chris, Myka, the pigs who make my insulin and god - but really, 99% the podcast is what saved my life. Probably followed by the pigs and then my Dr.
I always like to listen to people talking about Jackin. Good job on keeping it positive and fun. Thanks for a great subject matter!
I never knew I wanted to hear about comedians jerkin' it, turns out I did.
I wanted to love this podcast, but I just couldn't.
Chris and Myka are on a quest to make pleasure a not-so-taboo subject. They use personal accounts of fellow comics and humor to set the path. Highly recommend a listen and you won't be disappointed!
I love to jack and I love TWiJ but I never mix the two. Chris is great and charming and Myka is hilarious and I love how (most) everyone opens up about things normally considered secret. Keep it up guys!!!
Very funny podcast. Has provided hours of entertainment. Chris and Myka are great!
It's surprisingly thoughtful, and not at all lewd. The hosts get really interesting things out of their guests.
This Week in Jackin' is an informative romp through personal exploration, with Chris Laker and Myka Fox bringing out hilarious and touching (heheh) stories of growing and learning. We all can relate, and it's great to have a podcast like this to make everyone feel normal again. And I'm a piece of crap for not writing this earlier.
Myka Fox is truly the Olympic gold medalist of co-hosts, and she and Chris have amazing chemistry. This podcast is hilarious and they get the guests to share some interesting stories. Hope it never ends.
This is a positive review with nothing negative in it. Well, except that negative, and i guess that one too...
... said nobody about this stuff ever. Except maybe repressed Christians. It took me a while to get in to at first but since the topic isn't one usually discussed it's bound to be weird at first listen. But it's cool to hear from others about their experiences growing up and with this kind of stuff (that I'm avoiding explicitly mentioning because I'll probably get flagged for inappropriate content). Plus there's always a comedic edge to it. Chris totally forced me to write this review!