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Be the corporat espionage agent sitting outside in a white non-descript van, bouncing a laser off the window of Derick, John, Josh, and Chuck's meeting room. You hear it all. All the brilliance and all the dirty dirty dirt! You need to listen to a few to tune into what they're cooking in that kitchen, every bit as sassy and audacious as the Bradley Cooper Chef in Burnt! This is the real biz!
These guys are the real deal. It’s really inspiring to have them share their experiences. We can do it to!
I'm so happy I found this podcast. Listening to John, Josh, Derick and Chuck has given me so much insight and confidence to become an DEVELOPENEUR. Their open sharing of their experiences business and personal is invaluable. I feel like a have four virtual mentors. Keep up the AWESOME work.
Love the show… its the type of mastermind group I wish I had local… but ease dropping on your convos is fun too. I have listened to 47 episodes in a couple of weeks, and its great to see the eb and flows and see how things have developed. You have a solid mix of skillets, and it just works. Nice to see the ins and outs of finances, tools, publishing, its really helpful, and I plan on using this information to get my own ideas into reality.
This podcast is really, really interesting to people who fall into the "entreprogrammers" group, especially for people like me who more on the getting-started end of the spectrum. Listening to the challenges that these entrepreneurs have faced, how they're overcoming them, and even their successes and pitfalls has been a great way to generate ideas and better think about things from the entrepreneurial point of view.
Love this podcast! The delivery is conversational and entertaining and the war stories the hosts share are immediately applicable to my own challenges. John, Josh, Derick, and Chuck's transparency has saved me from making a lot of the same mistakes they have. Lots of great info here!
I've been a listener of Entreprogrammers since the first early episodes. John, Derik, and Josh (and now Chuck!) have been an inspiration to me and the way I want to shape my career and life. I'm looking forward to rapidly launching new products, and building businesses that allow me to eventually stop consulting. Each week I anxiously wait for the new episode and I save it for when I'm driving or taking a break during my day. There are a lot of podcasts on bootstrapping, consulting, and startups - but Entreprogrammers is a must listen every week. Keep up the great job guys, and I'd love to be a guest on the show one day!
There’s a lot to be said about simply hanging around successful people and soaking in as much information and wisdom as possible. And that’s what this show is: An opportunity sit in on the mastermind group of some successful entrepreneurs on a weekly basis. These guys use their own businesses as content, and don’t just talk about their successes. They also talk about the things that didn’t work, areas they are struggling in, and tactics to overcome the challenges they face. This transparency lets you see that they are normal guys just trying to run businesses and take care of their families, which I find encouraging and has inspired me to start my own freelance web business. Thanks guys and keep it up.
Ever wanted to just sit in and listen to smart and successful people work out problems with their own businesses? This is exactly what you get here. Entreprogrammers is 2 hour conversation with a fun and silly group of entrepreneur / programmers helping each other build up their own businesses. If you are looking for a step-by-step tutorial with hand holding tailored exactly to your situation…this is NOT that. For that I am glad. There is way too much of that out there. Instead, this is one of the best and most pure sources of information out there for anyone who can extract out the concepts John and his group use in their own businesses. Every time I listen, I find so many useful gems of knowledge just from hearing the practices they follow.
I'm hoping to be a part of working Mastermind group following the principles outlined by N. Hill. It's great to see one in action until that comes around. I'll try to follow it from the start to see all the successes and false starts. It's an added bonus that y'all are in my field too. #Enterprogrammers raawk!
These guys are awesome for doing this podcast and I've enjoyed every episode so far. I look forward to episodes regularly and recommend it to any developerneurs out there ;)
I love this podcast. They're three developers who discuss their efforts to build their own business around their software development efforts: websites, email marketing, videos/webcasts, book writing. They're candid about the ups and downs, and it's been fascinating to see how their efforts have materialized over the past year. I've benefitted from learning about the different services they use and how they have worked to promote their work. I feel like I know the guys personally. Highly recommended for anyone trying to start their own information product or service!
It’s a group of guys talking about things that have happened in their business the past week, which is not applicable/actionable most of the time.
Podcast that pulls the curtain back on 3 developers trying to bootstrap their businesses from the ground up. Plus if you write a review they'll read it on the next episode. Keep up the good work guys because I need the motivation.
I listened to the first 3 episodes today. I like the format, feels like I'm sitting with a group of my friends listening and observing... Seriously. If you're ever looking for... intern like work to give out. I'd be willing to add some things to my portfolio... *hint hint* *nudge nudge* Edited: I changed the rating to 5 stars... after catching up to current episodes, I find myself excited to listen... and when it lasts over an hour - I'm happy. BTW, I died laughing at work when you read the reviews. You all certainly deserve 5 stars.
Just got into podcasts since my commute is now an hour. Love listening to these guys on the way to work and back. They talk about pretty useful topics, but it's laid back enough that it provides a great drive and the occasional laugh. Keep on going guys!
This podcast makes me feel like I’m within the group. So comfortable and packed with fantastic information. Thanks so much! Keep producing!