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I saved this episode because of the information and I wanted to hear it again. To get a better understanding of how the mind works and what I can do to become a better me. To understand me and what to do to reshape and improve myself. Creating good habits and maintaining them. Changing the bad habits for good.
This show is full of light hearted conversations that give real, practical advice that makes you want to change. It is encouraging and motivating. It has challenged me to become more of my true self and live out my calling in the every day.
I absolutely love your motivation and Godly wisdom! My go to podcast for sure! Plus your sense of humor is so funny(makes my day laughing while learning!) 🤍🙌🏼🙏🏼🌸💕✅
I listened to Kia today, and she sounded so familiar! She was kind enough to contribute in a private Facebook Group (with Amy Carroll). She was sharing helps on a different topic. But today! She was in her wheelhouse and super passionate about Father Wounds! Loved it! Will use it with the women I mentor. Thank you!
Like A chat with a friend.
Chrystal, I could listen to you all day. Every podcast I’ve listened to thus far has given me a little more hope than I had before, to push through and to see things in a more positive light! I truly thank God for you. I love you and God bless!
Crystal makes me feel peaceful. I seek peace in my life and my space and she makes listening and learning so easy! The content is relevant and intentional. Thank you Crystal for your constant faithfulness. God Bless!
When you said “I have BLESSINGS on the top of my body” I cackled! Thank you for the laugh.
I attended Valerie Burton’s weekend “coaching retreats” back around 2003 or ‘04. So glad to hear she is still encouraging woman to live on purpose. I will definitely buy the new book. Chrystal your podcasts are so real, thought provoking and engaging. Thank you for pressing. It’s like sitting around wrapped up in a blanket with your home girl chillin’, chatting about life moving each other towards Godly outcomes.
I listened to A Story to Remember today. I like Chrystals podcast and loved this story. I lost me mom 10 years ago. She was only 50 and even though I think she should have lived longer her legacy still lives through my brother and I. Thankful for this!
I started listening to Chrystal’s podcasts just recently, after her mother passed away. I absolutely love them—they are substantive and rich. I have a long work commute and have listened to many in a short time. They touch me where I am. Thank you, Chrystal, for taking the time to produce podcasts of this caliber!
It is so refreshing to listen to this podcast. Chrystal’s realness is a breath of fresh air. She points us to Christ every time. Encouraging us to own our stories and live them out to honor God! Thanks so much!
I am telling you Chrystal’s podcasts gives me the air to breathe. I have never felt so much relief to be ok with myself because of what Chrystal shares with us. She’s so real and relatable to what goes on in life, I absolutely love her. The sharing of tools to get me going again when I might have felt that opportunities were over. I have a lot of hope to do so much more in my life because of Chrystal. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Chrystal! Linda
To say Crystal‘s podcast is life-giving would be an understatement. After listening for a few months I decided to purchase Crystal‘s book and she’s still there. Wow. What a God send it is for me. Crystal, her podcasts guests, and her book are helping breathe life back into me. Or at least have been a tool in allowing God to do so. Thank you Crystal for sharing your story with me. As God urges me to tell my dark & painful story, I hope and pray that I have the faith & bravery to do so. -A fan for life
I wasn’t a big podcast listener until I discovered Chrystal’s and I know anxiously watch my inbox for the email letting me know another one is ready. I’ve laughed, cried or yelled out “Exactly!!” or “Yes!” In nearly every episode. So much great advice from Chrystal herself as well as the wide array of guests she interviews. Many times they leave me with an inner dialogue lasting days as I ponder the latest God has laid on my heart through these podcasts. Love them!!
Down to earth, practical advice. I laugh, cry and nod my head in agreement!! I look forward to each podcast.
Chrystal is so full of wisdom yet she’s so down to earth. I love the practical advice she gives and the flat out honesty and transparency she shares!
This is one of my favorite podcasts, Chrystal is so encouraging and blesses my heart.
This podcast spoke to my heart. These sisters are such an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.
This podcast affirmed exactly what the Lord has been speaking to my heart. If you know whose you are then you know who you are— and I am His. There is so much wisdom spoken in this podcast. I felt like I was drinking coffee at your table enjoying some sister time. This message was anointed.
Listening to Crystal is like hanging out with a friend for the day. Full of wisdom and great examples and she makes me laugh every time.
Y’all, I know we can all just sit and listen to these two ALL DAY! But episode 228 is FILLED with dozens of gems you can’t miss. Like, you CAN’T MISS. Chrystal always gets the best from her guests. Pulling from her own sissy was no different.
Chrystal is the mentor and big sister I always wanted and craved! I often ask myself “What would Chrystal do” throughout my week! I enjoy her honest, humorous and candid conversations with each guest she brings on. However, what I enjoy the most is how Chrystal encourages us to show up for our lives no matter our age!!! She has a gift of connecting wisdom with practicality. She calls out the gifts in each and everyone of us, while helping us connect the dots in our own lives. If your seriously about living a purpose then you need to listen to this podcast!
Chrystal is absolutely amazing! I receive something everytime I hear your podcasts! Thanks you so much for your ministry❤️
Interesting and encouraging to keep trying no matter our choices and decisions in the past. We need to be real with ourselves and each other. I was inspired!
Finally (deep sigh and exhale)! Thank you for interviewing a “regular“ person, doing “ordinary” life ...even messing it up...while revealing God’s mercy, faithfulness and grace. It’s refreshing!💦
I’m just starting to listen to your Podcasts. How did I not know about them. They are Great!!!! This one really spoke to my soul and spirit. I really, I identify with you and your quests. Thank you for blessing me and helping me to mature my soul. Sharon Dewberry PW From Georgia
Listening to Chrystal reminds me to not forget the woman God created me to be and nothing can stop God from working in me
Chrystal you are just so wonderful! I met you at a conference in Charleston, SC after hearing you speak. It touched me so deeply that I stayed around later to specifically meet you. You are just so relatable and down to earth! I feel so blessed to be motivated through your podcast weekly. Your speakers are fabulous, but I enjoy just hearing you speak and motivate us even more. You are living in your purpose sis! Thank you so much for all that you do!
I enjoy your transparency and the Joy that you bring each time I tune in...from your wide and varied guest speakers, your genuiness as you chat and share. Keep being your True Self!!
Hands down...the is one of the best podcasts out there. I am always looking forward to the next one. I am such a fan of the Evans family. Great Job, Chrystal! Thank you for discussing real and relevant topics and providing practical biblical advice.
She has a lot of practical Godly wisdom. This is especially good for mothers, but I do not have children and I get a lot out of it. I hope she continues for many years to come.
God has sent me Chrystal Hurst and I am thankful he did! I listen to her podcasts and it seems she’s always talking to me about exactly what I need in that time. I know that’s nothing but the Lord and I am thankful to Chrystal for her yielding herself to HIM. This podcast is about life. It is helpful and encouraging. If you haven’t read her book She’s Still There you are doing yourself a disservice. If you are not connected to Chrystal on social media, do it! Let the Lord speak to you through this super REAL mother, daughter, wife, sister, and friend. She’s the truth!
I absolutely love this podcast and recommended to everyone!! Chrystal is always so encouragement, relatable and a Godly woman! I’m always so encouraged by her podcast shows and I pray one day I get to meet her! Thank you Chrystal for allowing God to use you to reach out to so many women and bring encouragement as you have brought to my life through your podcasts! God bless you and your family!
One of the best podcasts! I love the thoughtfulness of her questions. The interviews with commentary are a special treat as we get double the wisdom and insight from both Chrystal and her guest!
This podcast has been a tremendous blessing to me. Thank you!
Business owner. Mom. Daughter. Friend. Leader. Community member. I carry a lot of roles and Crystal is with me through them all. I love listening to her! She’s fun, funny, informative and loves God.
SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! She is beyond amazing! She’s so real and humble and SO relatable! I feel like we’re friends and this is the first time I have heard of her! This is hands down my fav podcast now! I’m going to find her books and will support everything else she does! 💖 God has really given you a purpose Crystal and you are truest living it out! 💖
Crystal...all I can say is thank you for introducing me to Kim McQuitty in Episode 207! Huuuuuuuni! Her passion about marriage made this twice divorcée do a double take and some rewinds!
I have been listening to Chrystal’s Chronicles since it began! I love this podcast as it is bible-based, practical advice for life. I appreciate her thoughtfulness in selecting topics that appeal to those in every season of life. I appreciate her sharing her life as well and allowing us listeners to grow with her and pray for her!
The topics discussed on the podcast will be impactful for anyone looking for practical ways to improve your walk with Jesus. The special guests are so good. God has continually used this podcast to let me know I am on track with what he’s teaching me or areas I need to improve. I highly recommend you giving this podcast a shot!
Chrystal, I’m 61 years old, nevertheless, so encouraged by your podcasts! I love every one, especially the one about getting out of the funk!! Your messages are so practical and full of wisdom and Gods principles!! And so funny, I LOVED the magnetic lashes IG story!!!! I have She’s Still There ( and the shirt😂) which I wear all the time! I think I found you when I did the P31 OBS with your book. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into all you do! Blessings, Susan Totten from New Jersey
Y’all! I love listening to this podcast. Chrystal is such a joy to learn from. She is real, funny and down to earth. As the youngest of four, I come away from listening feeling like I just got of the phone with one of my siblings. I even make faces at her while she is stepping on my toes. 🤣 I always feel more equipped to take that next step!
So glad I found this podcast. Chrystal's words meet me right where I am. Love listening to her words of wisdom for every day life. So very motivating, practical, and relevant.
I am absolutely loving this current series! Crystal is inspirational and insightful. She motivates me to be a better Christian, wife, mother, and an overall better person.
Listen...I really hope you give Chrystal’s podcast a try and here’s why? 1. The foundation is BIBLICAL. She backs all her principles with Scripture. 2. The advice she gives is PRACTICAL. After listening to her podcast, you will walk away with tools to use to make effective lifestyle changes. 3. The topics she covers are RELATABLE. I dare say that in every podcast you will be able to make a personal connection with something she says. 4. Overall, the podcast is just plain ole GOOD. I mean, it really is. So give it a try! You won’t be sorry ;-)
Chrystal is one of the most encouraging people I listen to. From her struggles with home wax kits to her struggles as a single mom, she’s real and honest. Most of all, she gives all of the honor and glory to Christ and His strength in her.
Could not have found this podcast at a better time! Chrystal’s authentic, relatable, yet pull-no-pinches style is exactly what I needed to hear! I am so thankful for her most recent series about “Showing Up for Your Life,” and I hope some day I get to tell her about it in person!
I am so excited to have discovered Chrystal’s podcast. I look forward to my morning commutes just to hear your voice. You have a gift of realness which draws people in. You should consider being an Audible book narrator or radio personality. Your honesty and richness of your voice are so inspiring. There are a lot of things you could be doing but I am forever grateful you chose to share your thoughts and experiences with all of us.