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By `Toonz
...is genuinely wrong with this guy. He’s always been tragically dumb, but Weird Mike has lost his tenuous grip on any sort of objective reality. I’m not a doctor, but get help, Juicebro. For real.
Changing my mindset for the better
Provides coordinates to navigate through the future
Mike can’t be trusted. He is unfortunately a grifter and seems to only know how to mislead his audience. This stems from his involvement in propagating the Pizzagate Conspiracy theory to lying about his role in the Epstein case. If you are looking for someone to learn about current events from or trying to better yourself, best to look elsewhere.
Cernovich brings great enthusiasm and gives interesting takes on books, media, blogging, society and mindset. Keep doing podcasts on whatever. I think a podcast with Nassim Taleb on deadlifts, wine, probability, and anti-intellectual intellectuals would be interesting.
Mike has so much information to help you’re life in multiple ways you just have to have an open mind to let the gorilla mind set in.


Cernovich is great, but the snake oil salesman he keeps bringing on gets annoying really fast. The guy is constantly trying to sell you stuff that would be advertised on late night TV 10 or 15 years ago. It wasn’t enough for me to give this podcast a hard “pass”.
I listen to Cernovich and his friends speak all the time because he’s rational, intelligent and engaging. You can’t find his type of viewpoint anywhere and i enjoy that he covers the realms of politics, marketing, business and even relationships. I’m about to get married myself and would be interested to hear his take on married life before and after starting a family, and what’s worked for him to keep a happy, healthy union (without being a pushover, like many men are). Thank you for your hard work to keep this podcast going!
Every subject from mindset, success, and lifestyle to health and fitness to news and analysis. Unlike any other podcast out there!
If the ocean were made of podcasts, we would all be drowning. If the ocean were made of good podcasts, we would have a puddle. The Mike Cernovich Podcast is of the excellent variety. The candid conversations Cerno shares with his guests/co-hosts transcend simple entertainment value and deliver real insights, tools, and revelations that are helpful to personal development. 🦍🧠
The Mike Cernovich podcast has certainly helped me with preparation & daily thought process for my B2B Startup! I tell people all the time to swing over from Motivation seminars to Mindset thought process. Exposing myself to determined, creative, and authentic individuals has made a huge difference. Extra: Habits are 1000x stronger than Desires. You can overcome virtually anything by cultivating habits.
The internet is a crazy place and the world isn’t going to slow down for people to catch up. Doesn’t matter what you believe, Mike Cernovich can help you expand the angles that you look at things.
Always insightful and a shot of fresh air straight to the brain. Enjoy it a lot!
This podcast is for the individuals who aren’t scared to take an honest look at themselves and start truly bettering themselves and in turn their lives. This isn’t for people who want to be coddled but for those who want to think freely and better their lives in their own terms. I absolutely recommend listening to this podcast!
I wish I had a dad like Cernovich. He provided great sound advice.
Mike brings his A-game every episode and demands the same of his listeners. Not for the casual listener - expect to be challenged weekly, if not daily, out of your comfort zone. Mike is the message and leads by example putting to practice the wisdom he broadcasts to the world - for free! Worth it's weight in gold, you won't be dissapointed, unless of course, you are looking to be spoon fed a sugary lie about how the world owes you fame and fortune on a silver platter...
I have been partially blind for two years because of Lyme disease & cancer. Cernovich’s positive mindset lessons and mixed with diet, exercise & mindset helped me alot. The podcast is really cool. If you are a believer in mindset, this podcast is extremely helpful. Very motivational stuff!
If you are serious about taking your life to the next level, you’ll want to listen to this podcast and apply everything to your own life. Mike speaks from decades of experience and the topics and advice on this podcast in unlike anything you’ll get anywhere else. Excited to see the podcast coming back in full force!
This podcast is essential for young men and women. It’s instructive as to the mindset that’s needed to navigate the post-modern world, without aiming to lull people into leaving everything to some guru. Keep up the great work!
Amazing podcast! “Yin and yang between optimism and pessimism”
When a new podcast is dropped it's always my 1st listen. Insightful usable listen
Just discovered this podcast and heard a few but already have had eye opening moments. Great job man.
Listen, I’ve had the idea of being a entrepreneur since i was 19. All these years it’s just been thoughts. Well mike was the push i needed to get started. Start living a “i will” lifestyle instead of a “i want”. You don’t have to burn your self out. Just start. Thanks mike! Once my coffee shop opens up I’ll reach out!
Yeah this is garbage. It’s a mouthbreathing contrarian’s view on his ego. Not to mention this guy falsely calls people pedophiles. If you want to keep your braincells I strongly insist you don’t listen to this.
Mike knows his stuff because he’s lived it. The value is incredible. Listen and apply!
I only became familiar of cernovich in late 2016, but I love listening to his old stuff about life advice, philosophy, and bodybuilding. Interesting, very intelligent, and insightful guy, and pretty humble. His haters don’t have a leg to stand on.
If you’re a white nationalist, then this is the podcast for you! If you’re a respectable human being, you’d be better off listening to paint dry.
‘It Never Gets Easier But It Does Get Better’ - need reminded? Re-listen. Then get back out there.
Whatever this man chooses to occupy himself with, he tends to have something worth listening to say.
Mike is a controversial figure but his mindset stuff is on point! I kinda wish he got more into esoteric concepts tho.
I don’t agree with everything he says, but you gotta give it to the man - he is unwavering, focused, principled. Thanks Mike, you have my respect.
One of the beat podcast out. Great mind. Lots of gold throughout!
Mike keeps it real. The fact that he comes off as a flawed human, learning and growing on his own journey, is what keeps me listening. Furthermore, his success in reinventing himself is proof-positive that his life techniques are at the very least worth a look. Listen to every single one.
I found Mike Cernovich by accident in a way. I started my Twitter profile a little over a year ago. I believed in Donald Trump back in 2015 but didn’t know anyone else who did. I was also lost in life at 26 years old. Both of those factors where topics that Mike covered, the latter he had covered for years already. Mikes podcasts from Danger and Play and his book Gorilla Mindset changed my outlook on life, my world view and my relationships, for the better. They have been a large factor in me turning my life around and living with focus moving forward and a vision for the future. Mike... thanks.
Linear subject matter, poorly produced.
Everything on this podcast is something you can use. There’s no fluff or sales pitches or empty advice. If you are a humble student of life looking to learn and grow, you will find a wealth of valuable information here. Highly recommend.
Awesome podcast, glad to see it back up and running. My request for future podcasts would be to discuss SEO for 2018, compared to how it was when you first began, and what you think will be the new status quo in terms of ways to write and which social media platforms to use.
I don’t know how there aren’t any recent reviews. This is an awesome podcast. In a world of “fake media”, agenda-based programming, and political scandals, it’s nice to have someone speaking and standing out from the crowd. Keep up the good work.
Looking forward to the new episodes in 2018. I’d like to have Cernovich talk more about self improvement and happiness. I love the business and politics as well, but honestly those are sources of stress in my life. I don’t need to go out of my way to insert more of that into my daily routine! Whatever Cernovich puts out, I’ll listen to though. He’s got a truly unique mind and insight into many topics!
Love your perspective on various subjects. I would love if you could do a podcast on persuasion. I know you’ve been influenced by several schools of thought (Bandler, Erickson, Cialdini).
Mike has found his true passion in journalism and I miss the regular podcasts but still love replaying and getting new insight from old podcasts, Thanks Mike and congrats on you futures endeavors.
He’s the real deal. His insight and information immediately changed my life for the better. God bless him, and his family. He’s a one man powerhouse. An enigma. A required listen.
This podcast presents an invaluable depth of knowledge and ideas that one can integrate into daily life to help us lean toward being better people. Things we know intuitionally are realized as Mike shares his experiences and thoughts. He is concise and logical, gives great advice on common issues, yet manages to delve into realms of reality rarely explored except by adeptly aware philosophers.
The content in this podcast can be life changing if you actually apply it to your life. I shifted my mindset from one of scarcity to one of endless abundance. I have found new friends that share my values. I am excited about life again. I have learned not to be hyper critical and deem everything as good or bad, instead I see the nuances in every situation. I don't freak out about the trivial BS in life anymore. I am improving everyday. In conclusion, although it's not been updated recently, I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who wants more out of life.


Just ran across this podcast a week ago and loved it. I bought his book Gorilla Mindset, so far very good read and has me thinking differently already. Thanks Mike!!
After listening to all the podcasts I'd like to see some new ones.
Whether you're planning on starting a blog or looking to change your mindset or perhaps both, Big Mike spills the secrets on how to successfully tackle whatever life throws your way or use initiative to take what's yours. From SEO to mindset to branding to free speech, you name it, this is one of the best no B.S. podcasts with unbelievable tips on being successful (all free but worth thousands). Yes it takes hard work and Cerno doesn't mince words and tells it like it is. I wish I heard this stuff in my younger days, but better late than never.