The Burgess Lovecast

Reviews For The Burgess Lovecast

What's funnier than the content of this podcast is listening to how funny these brothers think they are. If you were to ask how likely Id be to recommend this podcast to a friend on a scale of 1-5, I'd say 3 because it depends on the friend.
Good discussion and lighthearted observations about life, politics, media, sports and whatever else strikes the fancy of these fun loving and charismatic brothers. They have great rapport and a lot of humorous banter, 10/10 will stay tuned for more episodes.
I happened by this podcast while searching for my surname of "Burgess" and have enjoyed listening to your discussions life stories, world events, and digressions of thoughts. Keep it up! #MakinPancakes
This show is so good that I want to synthesize a new element and call it Burganium




No. Best.
This isn't a game.