Tips for Lawyers Podcast

Reviews For Tips for Lawyers Podcast

I just started listening to this podcast today. As a third-year law student and soon to be baby lawyer, I am finding the information shared very useful and I'm looking forward to incorporating your tips in my future practice.
Law student in the states looking for a podcast to give me an edge in the legal industry and this was exactly what I was looking for!
I’ve been listening to Chris’s podcast during my morning commute into work; it’s been great! It gets me pumped up for my day and excited to be the best lawyer I can be for my employer and my clients. I love that this podcast is skills-based and aimed at helping individuals become better lawyers. Even though Chris’s experience is with Australian law, I’ve found that most all of his tips are applicable to my experience as an American lawyer.
I have been enjoying Chris’s practical approach to the business and profession of law. His podcasts are full of good advice and clear thinking.
Tips for Lawyers lays down the law and clearly explains the things they don’t teach you in law books or law school. Any one who wants to make money as an attorney needs to be subscribed here.