Bird's Eye View

Reviews For Bird's Eye View

I listen on the way to and from work. Great show with hosts that don't take themselves too seriously. Keep up the good work. Go O's!
This is a great podcast if you like the Orioles, Elvis, Gwen Stefani, The Bryan Setzer Orchestra, and beer. If you don't like those things, then you're probably not even smart enough to have an iOS device!
Sarcasm and baseball. A great orioles listen each week.
Long time subscriber. Good show. Did not deserve to have iTunes or MLB take the show down.
Though, I’m not sure why it gets the explicit rating. Is that because of Scott's occasional… ahem…. pushing the envelope of propriety?
I Love Jake and Scott. This podcast is one i listen to as soon as it comes out each week. I always look forward to what will be the good, the bad, and the ugly. Subscribe, you won’t be disappointed
Love you. Keep it up.