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Amazing podcast
It's always good to keep an open mind, and I'm glad I did when I found Chris. Some of Chris' information can truly be life changing if you listen to the content non judgmentally. His podcasts are actually hilarious at times, but I suppose it's not for everyone.
Big fan, genuine guy. In one of your first podcasts I remember you talking about how you saw a girl you use to date on ESPN and how you were genuinely happy for her. Really made me evaluate my mindset
It’s amazing!
Most guys that try to help you get better with girls aren't really trying to do it. They are interested in selling 5,000 dollar "boot-camps" This beast tells it like it is. And he'll get you results way ahead of those clowns. Respect.
If you want to utilize all the tools that GLL has to offer, check out the actual website. Yes, all the clichés you can imagine apply, the life-changing one for sure. To put it simply, GLL accelerates you in your mission to change your life for the best, if that is what you so desire. You're the one who has to take action, but GLL puts you on the right path and it gives you that 'edge' over other people in life. DangerandPlay is another great resource. Both of these sites are for free, what are you waiting for?
As a long time Good Looking Loser reader, I can say, "thank god they finally got this on iTunes." This info has changed my life completely. Give it a listen and it might do the same for you.