Split Decision MMA

Reviews For Split Decision MMA

Thoroughly enjoyed it!
imagine a weekly dose of mma news brought to you by three silly geese with funny one liners, thats what this is! I really enjoy how all three host mesh jokes back and forth. There comedic timing is great and this is a great way to catch up with the happenings in the wonderful world of mma with out it sounding boring or mundane! Deff a weekly listen!
Cheers guys, awesome show! 👊🏼🍻
This is a podcast where a couple of average Joes discuss the goings-on about a sport they clearly know and enjoy, as evidenced by the old school references from pre-Zuffa UFC and Pride they’ll drop. And it’s relatively entertaining as they’re always cracking wise and they’re funny enough to make that work. But curiously, they mispronounce so many names. Every show they’re good for at least 1 butchering and it’s not only the obscure Dagastani or Brazilian names they’ll miss. They’ll butcher those of long-time UFC staples and high profile TUF winners. It’s mystifying to put it mildly.
Very informative and funny..