Reviews For StrongmanRadio

Great podcast, for us people that like to lift crazy heavy stuff!
This channel provides needed exposure for the sport and all of the people and companies that are involved.
Fantastic show for strongman and in general. Keep up the good work guys.
Loving the great content from those who are in the game. Finally something for those who are starting strongman.
Love the show! I look forward to it coming out every week. Great info on training, shows and interviews. Keep it up Brian and Kalle!
Great show great info!
This has made it to the top of my playlists! I’m a big fan.
Great show. So many guests, multiple shows a week. Up to date strongman news. This is a great radio for a growing sport!
It’s great to see the growth of strongman over the last twelve years. Great job guys!
This is a great radio for current and future Strongman athletes. It is a good listen for strongman fans as well.


Awesome show. Please put the first three episodes on here.
It's a great podcast that consistently gets better every week. It's a great source on how to get into and compete in strongman and it's full of great interviews.
Bryan & Kalle put on a great podcast and show that they truly are supporters of the sport. It's the only strongman podcast I will listen to.
Good podcast with a host that has a history of strongman competition. Easy to listen to and teaches a lot of the sport to even a newbie like me. Def adding this to my weekly podcast roundup. Check it out
Finally a show providing content for strongmen!