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Reviews For The Whisky Guy Podcast

Despite coming to this podcast as a whiskey-ignorant listener, I've been captivated by these conversations and am learning a ton! I can't stop listening and am fully convinced I'll be a pro by the end of this podcast binge. Keep them coming, Ari!
Great show, I very much enjoyed the craft episode with 3 howls. Sometimes the guest sound can be challenging. Keep up the good work.
I always look forward to The Whisky Guy podcasts. Very informative and entertaining!
Keep up the great interviews and all things Whisk(e)y!!! ;)
Sit back, pour yourself a dram, and listen to Ari and his guests as they inform and entertain you. Everything from short but in-depth reviews on individual distilleries to what the best tools and types of ice you should use for your mixed whisky drinks, this is as enjoyable a listen as a whisky lover or one just getting into whisky could ask for. Love this podcast!
This podcast interviews great people who've obtained a great knowledge and experience with whisky. This is exactly what I was looking for. If you don't have that person or persons that can help guide you from their own maturity in this culture, or you're looking for interesting conversation concerning whisky and its culture, than this is your podcast.
A great way to learn many details about whisk(e)y that aren't very easy to pick up.
After scowering the store for some knowledge on Whisky, I came across the Whisky Guy to give it a shot. The show was well organized, with good audio and commentary. I would be a loyal fan if only for one thing -there needs to be more episodes!! I was very disappointed that there were only (4) shows thus far and am waiting very impatiently for the continuation of this podcast. It is a great learning tool for the novice and a great refresher for the more refined. Please come back for more podcasts Whisky Guy!
I just started listening to The Whisky Guy podcast. Episode 1 was a treat to listen to. So many news/interview podcasts can be a bit of a yawn but I found this to be engaging and Ari to be a great interviewer. And heck, he’s talking about whisky so that’s a bonus, too :) I’m looking forward to Eps. 2, 3, 4 & beyond. This will help me to better enjoy my drive time to work every Wednesday...
As a Whisky novice, this podcast is really helpful. That said, I think even the Whisky experts will enjoy this.
I like whisky and this podcast helped me to learn more about it.
I enjoyed the first episode of Ari's podcast. Even though two whisky experts were conversing, he was careful to keep the topics from getting too specific and nerdy. This is a podcast I can recommend to casual whisky drinkers and novices, with enough interesting content for experience whisky geeks as well. Audio quality and production are top notch too.