Transformed You with Mark & Melissa DeJesus

Reviews For Transformed You with Mark & Melissa DeJesus

I found Mark DeJesus by reading Exposing the Rejection Mindset (recommended by a counselor). As a writer, I recognized right away that this book had zero “fluff” (added filler info). Every chapter felt like gold. It completely helped to rewire my thinking and my understanding of God as a loving Father, which helped me in what I was seeking: freedom and wisdom within difficult relationships. This podcast echoes the tone of the book, with extremely practical application and relatable examples, all in a non-condemning and loving way. He and his wife provide the most impactful insight, sighting their very diverse experiences in church leadership and family life, and all the toxic things that can actually be present there. This has been a wonderful tool for my healing and understanding, coming out of a difficult family with a father who wasn’t present and also a very legalistic church that I was deeply dedicated to. I no longer feel riddled with shame and like I’m not loved or enough. I know God loves me like a precious daughter, and I love him so much!! Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge. It has transformed my life.
I’ve been listening since I heard you on Matt Tommey’s podcast. Just hearing both of your hearts brings peace. The content here is so wonderful and encouraging. I found season 8 episode 7 to be especially meaningful. I don’t often feel anger in myself, but it definitely makes me uncomfortable when others express it. The podcast today gave me tools to understand the angry outburst and to know how I might better love and understand the one who expresses it.
Hey Mark! I love your ministry, and I can see the mantle God has placed on your life. You do such an awesome job talking about mental hangups with transparency.


So grateful for this podcast and the DeJesus’s! Practically truth from people who have walked out of junk. I so need this truth and podcast and his resources right NOW in my life. Life changing.
I started listening to "transformed you" about a year ago. I have been a Christian for many years, but I was alone in my psychosis. I started hearing audible voices at age 19 approximately a week after I was saved. I had nobody who could even understand the wicked audible voices that began. After many years of torment and substance abuse I was listening to Mark one night and he was talking about Paul's thorn in the flesh being a messenger of satan...BOOM! I was almost free the moment I heard that. The voices became muffled. During prayer one morning I started crying and confronting the devil saying "you raped my naive mind! BE GONE!" And after a few more podcasts I started understanding the "break agreement" teaching, and I had realized that I NEVER once agreed to the wicked voices. Once I realized that they gave up. They knew I was on to them. I am actually starting to cry with joy right now. I'd like to finish with a prophecy spoken over me many years ago "I will restore the years that the locust has eaten." And I respond to that with "thank you, Dad" in Jesus name :)
I am hooked! I was told some time ago I have to listen to your pod cast. I dragged my feet and kick myself now for waiting so long. I like to listen while I am driving to and from work. I feel even though it's only been a week, I have a healthier attitude. I walked with urgency into work instead of the ho hum attitude. I look forward to getting "caught up" Thank you for sharing your wisdom , energy and love for others.
As I listen to these podcasts I feel like I'm a little kid being counseled by mom and dad, it is not only comforting, but challenging at the same time. There's just something about having both Mark and Melissa feeding into me from a male and female perspective. I trust what they say not only because they are experienced but because I have been around them and know they actually walk these things out in their lives. If you listen to these podcasts with a childlike heart, looking to be set free, you will be transformed! - Missy Gordon
Love the podcast. Mark's teachings are not only powerful but also extremely balanced, focusing on all aspects of our walk with God and with others. I have been under Mark's teachings for several years now and I can honestly say I am not the same person I was a few years ago. This is the place to get tools to overcome and walk into your potential. Very grateful for this Ministry!
Every week I look forward to these podcast. They are so powerful and provide so many tools for our daily walk. Every episode gets better and better!! Keep them coming Mark.. Evelyn Cruz
I highly recommend listening to these podcasts from my friend Mark DeJesus. Each podcast is packed with practical and impactful information for daily living. We all struggle with getting the victory in areas of our lives and understanding how Father God loves us and accepts us. God has anointed Mark to proclaim a message of hope and encouragement to the body regarding the depth of the love of our Father God toward us. You do well to subscribe and listen to these weekly.


Outstanding podcast! Absolutely life transforming! As a fellow pastor, my hope & prayer is that those who I minister to can come to an understanding about the truths contained in this message. Love ya Mark, you really carry a thick anointing for healing and bringing God's freedom! Keep doing what you are doing - we need more!
I love to hear these teachings in the morning as I'm getting ready for the day. So empowering! These teachings are honest and a necessity for our everyday living. Keep them coming Mark!!
These podcasts are so encouraging! I love that each time I’ve listened to them, I can grasp something that applies to where I am on my journey right this very moment. Having the teachings right on my phone easily accessible is awesome. I’m so thankful for Mark’s message!!
Life changing message!
It’s not a podcast, it’s an experience. After every episode I feel more equipped in my walk with God. He speaks directly to the problem. You will be challenged, encouraged and equipped. I can’t wait to hear more!
Exactly what I needed to hear! I am looking forward to hearing more. I actually got a word from someone today and the Father used the message I just listened to to bring the fullness/answer! Thank you:)
Great words from an amazing man of God carrying a massive anointing for revealing the Father's heart.