Neverland: To Disney and Beyond

Reviews For Neverland: To Disney and Beyond

Thank you guys for the trip down memory lane. I’m a big fan of Disney (no shame here!). I was a little skeptical about the new scooby doo movie, but it was actually pretty good. Keep up the awesome work guys!
Great show and great concept! Keep going!
What a treat! Love the format of the show. Great concept, keep it up!
As an 80s baby, I love looking back at the coolest decade ever. Jeremy and friends are able to help me bring back childhood memories, while still feeling like I'm growing through learning stuff I didn't know before. Their choice of topics is IMPECCABLE!! Recommend to anyone who grew up in the 80s or 90s
fun podcast about Disney, cartoons, superheroes, etc. well worth a listen.
Definitely checkout this podcast! They have great topics and it is a lot of fun to listen to! They have a great mix of shows and that makes this show awesome!
Great and fun show to listen to. Love the topics week to week!
Really enjoy this show, great listen for Disney fans
These guys have been around for a while. Great stuff! Defintiely a must do for your Disney fix.
Great banter, great production quality, great information...A Great Show!!
Great content on all things Disney! Jeremy is an awesome awesome host!
This show has heart, fun and is full of energy. It takes what you loved about Disney and pulls you into the past and the present with a new kind of flare. So set your sights to Neverland.
love the nostalgia
Lot's of great info for anyone that is a Disney lover. Lot's of new, up to date info really gives you an insiders perspective that most people wont have.
Jeremy and I met online and became friends about a year ago or so and then we met in person last year in (Marceline, MO) the boyhood hometown of Walt Disney himself. We were there to pay homage to the man himself Uncle Walt, Mr. Walt Disney, where we learned first hand accounts of stories about Walt from people who actually grew up with and knew Walt as a young boy. The undying passion that this man, Jeremy has and the dedication he has to his nearly 200 episodes on his podcast shows the love and devotion he has to all things Disney and beyond. Check him out and consider subscribing as well and leaving a review just like me. Let's spread the Magic around, reach into your pockets and sprinkle some pixie dust because, Here...We...Go!!!
Jeremy is a huge fountain of knowledge of all things Disney. He talks Disney parks, disney movies, Disney nuances, and Disney characters! Agreed with the review of Beauty and the Beast that I recently listened to.


By Dan4e2u
Very well produced show! It helps that I'm a Disney Fan and a big kid at heart, but I think that anyone can find value in this fun and informative show! Keep up the good work! -Dan from the Dan & Kody Podcast!
Listening to this gets me nastalgic and reminds me of my childhood and the things I loved as I grew up. This has actually helped to spark conversations with my wife and friends. Loving it!
Fun to listen to! Very informative! Good topics like this are help us to feel young! Can't wait for more episodes.
You truly never know what you're going to find out there! As a new father of identical twin boys, both of who are absolutely obsessed with Mickey, I really appreciate this fun look at "Neverland" and beyond. It's such a fun release from the real world. Great to unwind with and it will make you smile for sure!
I have fond memories of Disneyland! Loved listening to this, can’t imagine being there on opening day. Wow. thanks for bringing it back.
NIce Funny. Innocent Podcast Congratulations
Fun topics, high energy. Enjoyed the Podcast. I like the opening, wish it was a little cleaner and would prefer to get INTO IT a little bit quicker. But, overall fun and interesting stuff!
Great banter, well done! Listened to your Back To The Future Day episode and thoroughly enjoyed it right down to wondering if we can someday use a drone to walk the dog. 1001 thanks!
This is a great podcast for those that never want to grow up. It is everything about Disney, cartoons, toys, etc to bring out teh child in you.
I love it. I'll always stay young with this podcast.
This podcast recaptures the fun and innocence of all the things you loved when you were young, with a healthy mix of what you love today! This is geekdom, fandom, and a healthy does of Disney. Always positive, and reminds you to have a pixie dust attitude and to believe in and pursue your dreams!