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I floundered around for about six weeks looking for a good comic book podcast. I'm not steeped in comic books, when I found this show I hadn't even picked up a new comic in 10 years. The format of this show is amazing for a accolyte like myself. The Weekly Pull reviews 2 good comics every episode. I have picked up a few of the titles (Rat Queens, Velvet, Marvel Star Wars, Marvel Original Sin) all based on their reviews, and every one of the reviews have been spot on. Their storyline recap is a time capsule of some of the zanier story lines in comic history, and helps me feel a little more at home when my other friends start talking about old comics I didn't read. Super Mundane is just funny every time, I actually wish this was on every episode instead of every other.
As a lover of comic movis and video games but an only occasional reader of comics this podcast is fantastic. In addition to directing listeners to interesting comics on the shelves today, each episode also delves into the plot and weirdness of older books. The banter is entertaining and the hosts are charming but do sometimes lose the track. Highly recommended for the comic adjacent (like myself) and for lovers of the oddity of American pop culture.
seriously this is great. I've always enjoyed comics, but there's just so much out there, I really don't have the time to seek the good ones out. This feels like a conversation with friends, about an always-interesting and sometimes ridiculous topic.
These guys have great banter. Well crafted and funny podcast!