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Reviews For Employer Branding Podcast

Jorgen and his incredibly knowledgeable guests bring their A-Game to help you create employer branding that you and your team can be proud of! Informative, encouraging, and engaging are just a few of the words I'd use to describe the time you'll spend with them. Thanks so much for putting out such a superb show Jorgen - keep up the great work!
Love this podcast! The EB podcast constantly has interviews from the Michael Jordans of the employer branding world. The format is fun an informative and there is always a good deal of actionable advice to take away and implement. Definitely worth adding to your morning or evening routine!
The guests Jorgen brings onto the podcast continue to help educate us about this space!
I’m loving this podcast. Lots of great conversations with employer brand experts from across the globe. Each episode leaves you with new inspiration and ideas to apply at work. I’m new to the industry and it’s been a great intro to the field as well. Thanks Jorgen!!
If you’re half the employer brand nerd I am, this is a *must-listen podcast*, if for no other reason than to steal good ideas and look smart to your boss.
Jorgen host of Employer Branding Podcast highlights all aspects of talent and employee branding in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!
The Employer Branding Podcast does an excellent job of capturing the employer brand stories of organizations across different industries while breaking down their journey. If you're looking to learn employer brand best practices from industry leaders definitely check this out!
Jörgen provides an excellent forum for his listeners, both business professionals and regular joes alike, to think about brand, analyze the psychology of why behind employer branding, and provides strategies that businesses or individuals could implement in their lives to enhance their brands by leveraging learnings and industry best practices.
Every Employer Branding professional should be listening to this podcast. Great guests that are pioneering the next phase of Employer Branding.
Amazing amounts of great and applicable information packed into a quick learning session. Entertaining and yet practiced you can put into play immediately! Love it!!!
I've worked closely with Jorgen and the team at Link Humans for a few months now. We had the great pleasure of recording a podcast together, as well as, subsequent content to surround the efforts. One of the areas I've been most underwhelmed by the online content arena, is the way partners, typically run the program around content. It usually feels transactional instead of feeling like the beginning of a long-term relationship between two people who care about the topic at hand. Jorgen and the entire team behind The Employer Branding Podcast are first-class in how they are approach this partnership. They have the right programmatic skill sets on the team, think ahead, and spend time ensuring the structure of their content and social sharing will generate the type of engagement I would hope for as a guest speaker. They really help you get the most out of your time and thought contributions!
Jorgen has a keen understanding of the latest trends and developments in social, digital marketing, and engagement. His podcasts break down specific use cases of different social campaigns with leading brands, helping educate and inspire listeners.
In terms of where recruitment meets marketing, Jorgen is a contemporary I always enjoy listening to.