Between Dreams with Chris Ruggiero

Reviews For Between Dreams with Chris Ruggiero


By sfcv13
This was awesome very informative, great guests.
chris is an incredible host and brings out the best in his guests. He also hosts a live experience in LA if you ever get the chance, worth being a part of it!
Juggling episode with Josh was fun. I'm an aspiring juggler, so it was right up my alley. Thanks!
Chris does a great job interviewing guests and getting them to share really interesting insights and stroeis about the entertainment biz. Definitely worth subscribing to!
Host Chris is obviously following his dreams and following an inspiring path in life. It’s great hearing him engage with other performers and inspiring people… his conversations are entertaining, real, and thought-provoking. Awesome.
Just listened to two of Chris’ podcasts and enjoyed the depth and ease of the interviews. Great information shared. Thanks for doing these Chris!
A very fun and relaxed show with awesome guests!
chris is fun and energetic its a fun listen and probably my favorite podcast right now.
I really enjoyed your interview with Jessie Poland
Chris is the best! Had a blast doing this interview!
Really cool insights into lives of entertainers on and off stage