Reviews For SoonersXtra

What a lethal combo! These two guys tell it how it is and get you the facts you need to be prepared.
OK the sooners have gotten a new defensive coordinator and a new quarterback transfer as well as another quarterback that transferred somewhere else when are we going to get another podcast
So, lest I sound like a hater, let me say that I really enjoy this podcast and appreciate the coverage of my Sooners. Especially boy when Berry Trammel, Ryan neighbor, and Jenny Carlson are featured. I have given it some time to get used to Brooke Pryor and her different style and personality, but I have to say that I do not enjoy the podcast nearly as much since Brook joined. I understand that Brook formerly covered teams in Carolina, but it is about time that she stopped using that experience as a reference point for so many of her comments on the Sooners. I have resisted the urge say negatively review her role in the podcast until the October 8 edition however. Reviewing the ISU game, Brooke alluded to Dimitri Flowers having rushed the ball for "200 yards," in one instance (actually 115 yards). In another instance, she mentioned that he has had limited carries this year, when it is well-documented that Flowers carried the all for the first time in his care against ISU. I was left wondering whether Brooke was ill prepared or if she even watched this football game. Maybe she would be better suited to covering basketball only for the Sooners.
They don't even try to make the coverage even with informed OSU discussions.
i enjoy listening to this podcast a lot!!!!!!!!
I always look forward to listening to this podcast that Jason and the guys do. It's usually light hearted and fun between them, but also gives great insight and gives me another great POV when it comes to coverage of OU football. His periscope sessions are fun too if you haven't checked those out ! Keep up the good work!
Love these guys. They keep it real.