Ken Pierpont Storytelling Podcast

Reviews For Ken Pierpont Storytelling Podcast

Keeps you encouraged throughout the week to love your family and God more!
Awesome story teller and gifted writer. Speaks to the heart and warms the soul.
As you listen to these stories I can tell you with certainty that they are from the heart of a man who really loves Jesus. I was raised by this man. I sat under his storytelling/preaching for over 18 years. Most every morning of my life I woke up and found my dad at the dining room table spending time with God. He took me on hospital calls, funerals, nursing home visits, speaking engagements and hundreds of other places and I watched as he has spent his life loving people. I know the biggest reason I have a love for Jesus as a man today is because my dad, Ken Pierpont, modeled what it looked like to be a Jesus-follower. So, as you listen to these stories you can know they are authentic and meant to help you grow in your own love for Jesus and for others.
This podcast is a must have for any aspiring storyteller. The stories are inspiring, intriguing, interesting, and well-told. Subscribe now. -Levi
Ken is about YOU because Ken is about Jesus! You will be touched. You will laugh. You will have practical application of wisdom to apply to your life through Ken’s succinct way of weaving his experiences and the stories of others into beautiful life lessons! Listen with open ears and an open heart then SHARE IT! Adam Konopka
Ken is a master story teller...His Biblical insights come through strong and with understanding because Ken wears his love for the Lord on his sleeve. It is not a vain thing or for show. It's genuine and you can tell.