Reviews For Radio Free Borderlands: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

I’ve been a fan of the show for years and I’m at a loss to describe Dan’s passion for the hobby. In an era where WoTC is not engaging with the fans on a serious level, Dan is bringing us news and reviews from current products and older editions. He puts serious time and effort into his show and there is no denying his passion for the hobby. Cheers to you, Dan. Thank you for all your hard work. You’re an inspiration.
There is so much good in here, but it bugs me when hosts step all over each other’s ideas. I always imagine sitting at the gaming table with that one contrary player who’s so controlling that other players don’t get a chance to enjoy or explore the parts of the game they find interesting.
The retro reviews are among the highlights, but the occasional guests and interesting topic make this something definitely worth listening to if you're a fan of old school D&D (not that he avoids showing love for 5e, but a lot of more broad discussions that seem to cover "the early years"). One thing - I noticed the "Clean Lyrics" icon - but as a heads-up he does let the profanity fly in ways that detract from the subject matter.
As a player coming from AD&D 2nd edition and as a aspiring DM in 5th edition I find this podcast to be something right up my ally. I recently started DMing in 5th edition and need some kind of guidance some kind of light in the dark to at least point me in the right direction and I found it in this podcast! I’ve listened to other D&D podcasts but none quite have what makes Radio Free Borderlands what it is. The topics range not only from the modern 5th edition but into all the previous editions form the days of yore. There’s great stuff here for everyone players and DMs alike! I’m glad I came across this podcast because it’s helping me to grow and develop my campaign. I look forward to more, keep em coming and don’t worry, you do great when you’re solo dude!
RFB covers DnD and does it well. New product reviews, the occasional older edition product too. Good listening quality, convention updates and schedules, really good coverage at gen con this year.
A fun and informative show that tackles many different facets - game mechanics, product release, concepts in the game, and occasionally social and cultural issues. A great listen.
I really dig this show. Dan and Dave, grear job. My only recomendation would be to have the one host ( I believe it's Tim) use his mute button. He tends to cough right in to the mic. Loudly. And when you listen through headphones like I do, it's like a bomb going off in my ears. Cheers, D.M. Rider
What a fun show! I don't really get to play anymore in my adult life and this is a great nostalgia trip. Good quality sound too. A little less swearing would be nice, but it's not riddled with it either. Keep up the great work!
Great combination of tips, reviews, nostalgia, and info for players old and new of the greatest RPG ever and grandfather of them all.
I really enjoy the nostalgia of retro d&d. Great podcast!