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For awhile, it seemed like this show petered out, but recently they’ve been on a tear! Great tidbits of TTRPG advice, reviews and some off-topic conversation are what you’ll find here. Keep having fun and doing it right!
This is a great podcast for anyone interested in RPGs. I get ideas and tips as a GM/DM and good reviews on all sorts of products. Great job guys.
The only bad thing about this show is that I don’t have more time to listen to all of the great content they put out! RPG Academy has something for everyone, no matter what aspects of games you enjoy. Highly recommend!!
Work phone, who dis? Got myself a new iPiece and figured I’d put it to some good use. 5 stars for the gents in behind AcadeCon. Thank you guys for keeping my hobby alive in my mind during this tumultuous time that is young fatherhood. Without your dulcet tones in my ears, week in & week out, I might’ve been lost on this fantasy road months ago. Your product is excellent and worth a listen for the new & old alike.
Whether it be the Campaigns, Show & Tell, Detention, or any of the other great RPG Academy shows, it's all fun and insightful.
Great podcast network full of advice, actual plays, discussions, and my favorite Detention!
Michael and the gang at the RPG Academy provide a great variety of views on role playing games from the occasional play-through to interviews with creators (often Kickstarters) to conversations about RPG-adjacent movies. And their all-important tag line about playing games: "If you are having fun, you are doing it right."
The crew at the RPG Academy have a wide breadth of gaming knowledge. Many systems, many editions and many years of being gamers combine to make the RPG Academy an informative show with variable topics and a lively sense of humor.
I came for advice as a first time DM. I’m now a Patron, and hope every month that my schedule will allow me to play in what have been some of the best adult make believe I’ve ever experienced. Great shows, great quality, great people. Keep up the good work.
It doesn't matter if you're a new gamer or an old hat, The RPG academy has topics for everyone. It's funny, insightful and serious (j/k, these guys are funny!). Just remember, "If you're having fun you're doing it right!"
This podcast is perfect for both new and aspiring GMs and DMs. I’ve been subscribed for years now and it is well worth my limited listening time. In addition to advice and discussion, their actual play series offer great entertainment as well as examples to emulate. Thanks for everything. — Jen / Pixelscapes
I came back to RPGs after decades away because my kid became interested in D&D 5e. The fastest way to get yourself up to speed wasn't available when I was young: listening to passionate podcasters discuss their love for role playing. This podcast provides practical advice, a helpful and encouraging attitude (you're doing it right!) and best of all, it stirs the enthusiasm you may have lost or not yet found. When I was young, RPG groups were isolated islands. Podcasts like this give everyone access to the world-wide community of gamers.
Listen, and if you like them, throw em $1 a month on patreon.
So many years of RPG advice. One might think “yeah, that’ll suffice”. But not these guys, no sir, not them, It ain’t over till... well, you know how that ends. So give it a listen and come to the Con! Acadecon that is, but don’t get me wrong, The AP’s are fantastic, And Detention is tops! You’ll have to go digging to find any flops. But “flop’s” a strong word, All The episodes are keen, On teaching you something You may not have yet seen. So come on, start tonight! Please don’t put up a fight! You know, If you’re having fun You’re doing it right! 😘🦄
There are LOTS of RPG podcasts out there, but regardless of the genre, the system, what dice you use, don't use or mis-use, THIS is the show you need! They not only cover RPG topics and mechanics, but they also have live plays, funny stuff, candid talk - you name it. Give them a try - you will NOT be disappointed!
The RPG Academy puts out a lot of quality content, whether actual plays, discussions, interviews and KS previews. Great stuff Michael, keep it up. Also Acadecon is live again this year!
Fun to listen to and I always feel like I learn something new!
Easily one of the best RPG podcasts out there. They handle a variety of topics and the hosts offer differing viewpoints to really increase your understanding of mechanics, narritve and the history of the game. Can't recommend enough!
This show got me back into gaming and more over gave me the confidence to start DMing! I especially love the detention, faculty meeting, and synergy shows. I really like the last segment of those shows because they take a character, class, or monster trope and turn it on its head and show listeners a new way to think about a facet of gaming.
Excellent general RPG podcast. There's a good mix of actual plays of games, especially in the form of their Trials, where they often have a guest well versed in a new game run them through an adventure. While a number of general talk and advice sessions related to the wonderful world of RPGs and tabletop gaming, and general geekery.
I just wanted to post a thank you for all of the work you guys have done. I finally worked my way out of the archives and just started listening to episode 50. I am starting my own D&D group in 5e and am very nervous about it. Your tips and tricks have helped me a lot. I only wish you separated the campaigns from the Faculty Meetings so it was easier to keep track of where I was. I cannot get enough of the table talks though so keep up the great work. Even when there are some techical difficulties with the recordings, they are not that bad and quickly get ignored with the information being given.
While I primarily listen to the Faculty Meetings, I love listening to Detention and the Wrought Iron campaign. These guys are hilarious and informative. I went to Acadecon 2016 and met with them. They are nice guys and I love this podcast.
I recently got back into the deep end of role playing about 2 years ago. I tend to get obsessed and allow my interests to encompass all of my life. Binge listening to your show has been a great experience and now that I am caught up I can not wait week to week for your next show keep up the good work!
There are a lot of RPG podcasts and I listen to a lot of those said podcasts, but if it wasn't for this podcast none of that would be possible. When I first started dipping my toe into tabletop RPGs I randomly stumbled across this podcast, and it was then that I realized how glorious my new found hobby really was. Michael and Caleb provide experienced advice in a manner that was easily digestible by a newbie, but still full of deep insight. They talk as if their one of your closest friends, and after meeting them in person I can attest that this completely genuine. The RPG Academy also opened up the door to a vast array of other podcasts, media, and games that I never would have know about if it wasn't for them. If you want to feel like your in the know about what's going on the greater RPG community this is the place to be.
The RPG Academy is one of the best podcasts out there for actual plays and DM tips and tricks. I don't get to play much anymore, but listening to all this great content goes a long way in scratching that itch. The trials of new and upcoming rpgs is a great resource for finding new material that's not necessarily 5e or Pathfinder. Cannot recommend enough!
Whether you are new to the hobby or whehter you have been a DM since the Red Box, if you are not already listening to the RPG Academy, what are you waiting for? From Actual Plays to nitty gritty rules discussion to great guest hosts from around the gaming world, Michael and Caleb cover it all. There is so much to absorb that I find myself revisiting old episodes, especially the Faculty Meetings, to continuosly up my games and make sessions I run more fun for the players and for me. Keep up the great work guys.
The RPG Academy was the first podcast I listened to. I've since added a whole slew of great podcasts to my list, but I always come back to The RPG Academy. This show has grown a ton since they started out—heck, they've grown a ton since I started listening—and from what I can tell they're still on their way up! The actual play episodes are a lot of fun, and the guest players and GMs that they get for these are great. The discussion episodes are always helpful and informative, and almost always very funny, too. Again, the guests for these episodes are fantastic. I've already complimented the guests that the show is able to get, but I would be remiss to leave out the co-hosts of the show. Caleb and Michael are clever, engaging, and (mostly) funny. They know what they're talking about 99% of the time, and when they don't, they admit their ignorance and still give it the old college try. If you are involved in tabletop games (particularly RPGs) in any way, I cannot recommend this show enough.
Just call me Luke, save the trouble. I started a new job in September, and I needed something to listen to. I had turned to podcasts in the past (high school) and went back to the well. I started off with other bits and bobs before I finally decided to find a RPG one. Which lead me to here. From the beginning I was smitten. This podcast, from the start, was good. And I grew from there. I have grow to love the cast and hosts. Michel, Celab, Mattew, and Scott and the other guests and actual players who's names escape me bring joy and laughter to my life every day. Because of my impeccable timing, I missed acadacon this year. It won't happen again, let me tell you. In 2 months I have listened to 95% of the content, skipping some less interesting interviews for personal reasons. The evolution of the show is obvious, and its final form is amazing. You guys are amazing and I hope to listen and participates for many years. Let me know when you need help, I'd be more than happy :) sorry for the long one Celab
This is one of my favorite podcasts since it has everything, from real plays of many different games (not just D&D), previews/reviews of various RPG's, along with informative/educational episodes. The actual play casts have great story, music and sound effects. The information casts are full of great info. The production quality is wonderful, clear and professional. Keep it up, guys 👍 P.S. I thought it was hilarious that it might be from Serenity or that I might be Joss Whedon. Vhanti was a randomly generated name from Final Fantasy 11. Sorry to spoil it 😊
Two guy who have more passion for RPGs than anyone else. A great podcast if you're excited about RPGs and hearing other people's excitement pumps you up.
This is an excellent roleplaying podcast, with tons of useful advice for new GMs and veterans alike.
I haven't llstened to the other peices of the show, Wrought Iron, etc but I am pretty sure Detention is my fav. I mean, if you are talkng about Nightside, Dresden, and Paladins, I am way in. Keep up the good work.
If you're looking for a tabletop RPG podcast with a bit of everything, this is it. First off, I find something in pretty much every episode to shamelessly steal my games, whether it's a GM technique, a cool monster or plot device, or some website or GM tool. The general discussion episodes are great if you're looking for advice about how to run a game, or how to be a better player. If you're new, this is a must listen. If you've been doing this a while, you'll still find cool nuggets to try at your table. Also, you'll feel really smart when you agree with them. They discuss pretty much everything from mechanics, story elements, managing a table, dealing with real life intruding on your gaming, etc. The actual plays are great as well. The episodes are edited down well so you're not listening to somebody go looking for Cheetos and taking five minutes to look up the grapple rules. You'll also get to hear different GMs for the different campaigns, so you get to hear different GM styles and techniques in use. Also, you'll get to hear different game systems used. Not sure if you'd want to try 13th Age or Fate Accelerated Edition? Check out their trial episodes of the systems and see how they actually work at the table. Several of the trial episodes, especially for the kick-started games, are run by the people who wrote them or are otherwise experts in the system, so you can get a good feel for what the game is supposed to play like. There's also a smattering of RPG-related movie review episodes. If you watched the Dungeons and Dragons movie(s) and want to commiserate about the hours of your life you'll never get back, give them a listen. One caveat: If you're a total audiophile and a completionist, the audio quality in the early episodes leaves a bit to be desired. But, it gets better. Bottom line, these guys are passionate about the hobby, bringing new players into it, and helping you to have a great time at your own table, physical or virtual. My players and I are having more fun at my table because of these guys, and that's what counts.
This is Chris from the DM's Block. Keep up your great work. Love listening to your episodes. Can't wait for Acadecon 2016!
The RPG Academy is the best rpg discussion, advice, and actual play podcast out there. Their content is supurb, and is only matched by the quality of their audio. The actual plays are very well done with engaging story lines and excellent players. Michael and Caleb have honed their craft to near perfection. I promise you won't be disappointed.
Excellent podcast with a great cast of roleplayers. This feed provides a perfect range of shows for anyone interested in RPG's. Insightful advice and interviews and compelling actual plays. Each episode will leave you wanting to click on the next one.
I listen to a lot of gaming podcasts, most are not good this one is great. Love the hosts. They're witty and intelligent about their subject matter. Always a treat to listen to this one.
Great to see a good quality RPG podcast I subscribed
Love this podcast. These guys have the right attitude and I love listening to them.
From Actual Plays to Table Topics to Interviews With Famous People I'll never meet there's something for everyone here. With the new sponsorship(s) and Patreon donation spending on great sound equipment you can tell this podcast is doing it right! Great job, I'm looking forward to what the future holds.
Listening to The RPG Academy is one of the reasons I decided to play D&D.
I like their motto.
I love this podcast. I have finally caught up after months of listening from the beginning. There is something for everyone, from Campaigns, to One Shots, to Interviews, to Rules Discussions, with a mix of fun and information in all of the segments for new and experienced players and GMs alike. My only real criticism is that Michael worries a bit too much about the early audio quality (clearly not up to their later standards, but totally enjoyable anyway). I have attempted their advice and strategies in my games to great effect. I could waste an hour of your time writing about how great this podcast is, but you'd do better just listening for yourself. TL;DR - If you like Roleplaying Games, or are curious about them, give this podcast a listen.
I love to listen to Michael and Caleb talk about DMing. It inspires, entertains, and informs.
The RPGAcademy is a wonderful, helpful podcast which covers a range of RPG topics and show types, all of which are wonderful. If you are a fan of RPGs, no matter what it is that you like, you’ll be able to find something that you love in the RPG Academy, from their Table Topics episodes where they talk gaming and role-play theory, to their Show and Tell episodes where they interview passionate people about their projects and their Trials episodes which involve actual play of systems they are playing for the first time. Truly, a worthy recommendation.
This is one of the few D&D pods that offers advice for players and DMs in a largely unstructured talk format, and so I generally prefer it to shows like the DMs Block. The hosts speak in plain enough language and it has good quality audio. Keep it up guys.
This is a great podcast with amazing podcasters running it. Michael and Caleb do a great job of breaking down running games in table topics, introducing players to many awesome games in field trips and trials, and running awesome campaigns. They are also super responsive on twitter and give amazing advice for new time DM's to old veterans. They've helped me grow and craft my game through every one of their episodes. If you are looking for a podcast to help you grow as a role player and game runner, this is it.
I'm still working through their impressive backlog, but I'm excited with what I'm learning from this show. They cover a lot of topics that are currently being bounced around but they actually spend the time to get to a deeper meaning of why things matter. There's no entry-level mundane talks here, everything goes deep to tell you why you should care about the conversation, and what it can mean for your table. This isn't your 101 level course, it's more like an elective in your major with professors who care about your learning. I've still got ~200 episodes to get current and I'm so pumped to listen to them all!