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I can't wait for FFXIV
Why so many negative reviews for this podcast? The music is corny, but that's about it. Awesome show, well written/planned. Highly recommend.
listened to the f2p ep and thought it was great.
I have a great respect for the crew of this show, top notch stuff.
I really like this weeks topic cause I'm a big fan of Rift and I learn a lot on its f2p transition from this episode. Also like the two opposing views on Rift cause it made for a more interesting podcast. Keep up the good work.
I just got done listening to the Rift F2P special and I have to say that it was very informative. I did not expect to even hear half of the information that I did along with the opinions of the shop are now making me question if I want to come back when it happens. I probably will just to give it a chance. Thank you for creating this podcast.
Wonderful podcast guys! I'm thankful for your intelligent, informative, and enjoyable discussions on the myriad of MMOs out there. You don't ramble on to fill time, and you help me keep up-to-date with the online gaming world. Thank you for a great show! Game on!!
Always keeping me up to date with reviews and info on the latest in gaming! Great Podcast guys!
Since relaunching with Som P, the show is WAY better than it used to be. Keep it up guys!
Great show and production guys. I have subscribed and look forward to future episodes!
With the incredible amount of resources available to the producers of this steaming heap... you think they would be able to pull off one of the most informative and entertaining MMOcasts. However, this podcast is not only one of the worst MMO podcasts... but i'd have to say it one of the worst podcasts over all. Unfunny, poorly produced, poor sound quality, out of date topics, terrible chemistry between hosts, and boring interviews... this thing is a train wreck. Not Recommended.