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An awesomely good science drunken good time!!
As a Biologist, physics was never my strongest subject so what better way to keep up with the field than hear these guys shoot the breeze? Pleasant surprise, they discuss science in a general and casual manner and it's easy to listen to and in the process you learn stuff. Lot of ADD moments that reminds me of times when I hang out with my own nerdy friends. Take a listen !
Fantastic episodes that make you feel you've just sat down at a pub with 3 genuine guys...who happen to be physicists. They make each topic easy to comprehend, and they'll occasionally throw out equations and explain them which I really appreciate. I was an early first 8 subscriber and have loved each and every episode. Inspiring enough as well to want to get my physics degree when I'm out of the service! #useacondom
Not sure why I listen since I am going to be an engineer and apparently I am stupid, but I just want to blow Doug so bad I continue to listen regardless. Keep it up Doug and whoever the other two people are.
Great podcast. Lessons in physics with amusing anecdotes and alcohol.


By vmw251
Love the podcast. You guys are so funny. Keep it up!
Love the podcast, men. I'm all for intellectual discussion over intoxicants and innuendo. Do think it's weird you are so secretive about your identities... Also, you got intro music now but how about outro music between podcasts?
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These three definitely have the potential to be an outstanding podcast. However, it is clear there are serious ADD issues which need to be ironed out. Many times...scratch that, every time a topic gets brought up it you will have to wait at least ten minutes before the topical discussion begins. Which can be very frustrating as a listener. These guys need a little more practice staying on topic and only allow brief tangents. I will definitely continue to subscribe and hope these guys continue to improve.
Great podcast! It is like being at the bar with my friends.
Lots of fun! Please keep it up. Wish I was drinking with you instead of listening while running.
Wish I was drinking with you.