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Excellent commentary on all things Finance. The hosts are very knowledgeable.


One of my favorite commentary podcasts. They have great chemistry and lively conversations. I hope the hosts don’t read the comments unless they have really thick skin. Constructive criticism is hard to find.
I enjoy the show but there’s room for improvement. In general Emily doesn’t bring a lot of insight - she seems to scan the nyt and that’s about it. And Felix is great in small doses but he thinks a lot of himself and interrupts the women a lot. The session about his family was a bit much. Felix - I encourage you to make it about ideas not yourself for once - and learn some manners.


Wildly Informative, entertaining and distracting in all the best ways. All the hosts bring something, great ensemble. Religious listener
I listen every week and enjoy the podcast as a whole. My only concern is Emily. It seems like she makes inaccurate statements and you always know her opinion on an issue before she states it. I like the podcast, but replacing Emily would be a step forward. Sorry for the criticism, but I feel she brings down the show.


I don't remember if it was Emily or Anna but one of you commented re her bread making skills. Not good apparently. Check out no knead bread on YouTube. No kneading needed. Really! Goo d bread made at home although no sense of awe making it. Takes time at home only. Enjoy "Money" every week and sometimes more (if offered). Do not pay for plus though.
If you want to hear rich people discuss money in a generalized not specific way, this is the podcast for you. This podcast puts forth zero ideas, offers no fresh perspective, and basically champions the idea that ... can’t figure out what the purpose is. I’ve listened to like 8 episodes, and feel like I’ve learned nothing. It’s officially a waste of time.
Emily Peck, in particular, doesn’t know much about business or economics and doesn’t ever seem to be prepared to say anything interesting. A lot of her comments are embarrassingly inaccurate. I keep listening, because I like the format and want it to work, but there’s not much value added. If they need someone for color commentary, I suggest adding someone who lives outside of NYC. The U.S. is a big place.
If you want objective economic commentary, look elsewhere. In the episode “Too big to be small” one of the hosts made the argument that the Fed should be allowed to run wild and do as they please followed by “It doesn’t seem to hurt anything”... Good one, guys. They also showered praise on Ben Bernanke who famously said that everything was under control right before the 2008 financial crisis and went further as to say Janet Yellen has never got anything wrong. Yellen in 2017: “We won’t see another financial crisis in our lifetimes”. (This review is being written in the middle of a huge financial crisis where a total of 16.8 million people have filed for unemployment... so far) They also mentioned how the Fed has gotten better and better as the years have gone on, what world are these people living in?
Political views interfere with topics.


Another attempt to discuss a difficult social problem from the perspective of well off coastal knuckle heads. “We need bad neighborhoods”. Smacks of their routed worldview in the meritocracy myth, “ zoning is the problem “ giving the perspective of the bad government. No discussion of how market based pressures have driven investors into the housing industry as yet another asset class they can speculate upon and exploit. Those inflated costs drive up the construction costs, as well, as developers lard on profit from the immigrant and trade workers building them for few dollars. Same old BS. Not very imaginative.
So, I don't generally go for business and/or financial podcasts, but I have been listening to Slate Money since its inception as it automatically appeared in my Slate Plus Feed. I've always enjoyed the interplay between the hosts, and while I do miss Jordan and Kathy (the original co-hosts), I do like the current lineup as well. Emily is adorable and even Anna, as the resident contrarian, provides some needed balance and the frisson of tension. Felix, of course, is awesome, and I'm indebted unto the show for introducing me to Succession which I started watching so I would get all of the references and now love it as much as they do.
Every episode they blame Trump for things that have nothing to do with him. It’s very lowbrow and a lot of people don’t like Trump, but it’s getting annoying to hear his name 100 times in an hour podcast when it has little to nothing to do with him. Don’t like Trump and I don’t like Felix either.
No oil shock? Like, ever?? Ya, until we run out! All those little energy companies are pumping like crazy to pay off their cheap loans. In the process, flooding the market with cheap energy and depleting their source faster than necessary. That’s a rocket ride straight into a brick wall! That we’re on!! YeeHaah!!!
Felix, host of the Slate Money podcast, highlights all aspects of business, investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Used to be my favorite listen when Kathy and Jordan were a part. Emily Peck isn’t very bright or thoughtful
I usually learn something listening to your regular podcasts. But this first SWAG-Art was adolescent and just silly. I know the art world to be highly sophisticated and can mirror and be affected by the other “equity” markets. The guest should have been the author of Boom, Mad Monet and the Rise of Contemporary Art, Michael Shnayerson. Come on Felix, you can do better.
Not sure whether I really like this podcast or if I’m just so desperate for Succession podcasts, anything will do. I generally enjoy these discussions, but it sounds like the hosts tend to only watch the episodes once, which does not lend itself to recalling everything you need to. On the most recent episode, Felix said he’s never seen Jesse Armstrong with a writing credit for the show...he literally just won an Emmy for writing an episode of the show. So if you’re like me and are very detail-oriented, this podcast may drive you crazy sometimes. But if you want to just listen to people talk about a great show, add this to your list.
I used t like this show a lot. I learned a lot about finance and enjoyed the talk about economic affairs. Now it's just a fanbot love love show about a TV series. Maybe Slate can start another economics and finance podcast and just let this thing die.
News & Economic data with more depth than most, but clearly a Trump bashing cast. I’ll continue listening because I believe Felix & Anna bring good data to their arguments...I miss Jordan’s insights & I want to like Emily but she’s usually short on data & seems to be around just to throw in women’s rights into every single segment.
You are coming off as a misogynist pig. Sto interrupting and let her talk. She is why we are listening. You are better than this.
I've only listend to the Succession recap episodes, so I don't know it Mr. Salmon is equally overbearing on the other episodes.
We interrupt Anna’s usual party line neoliberal drivel with Felix’s corrective that cars weren’t invented in the nineteenth century. Immediately after Anna tried to scaffold her know nothing capital-friendly rubbish by dropping precipitous in a sentence. Mediocrity and arrogance sponsored by Goldman Sachs
I love the Succession episodes but I need Felix to dial it back a little and give his co-hosts a little more room to breathe. I like the high-energy banter, crosstalk and disagreement when but Felix interrupts too much and it’s frustrating. For what it’s worth, I write this as a male dude.


They chatter a lot, meander through their laugh-filled, self-impressed programs that lack structure and would better fill half an hour. It is not compelling, I find my attention turning to other things around me. Sophomoric.
The hosts literally have no idea about Succession be on a recap podcast??? They don’t know character names, major plot lines or anything else. They spent time on this podcast wondering where Logan’s scars are from when that question was already answered in Season 1 (his uncle Noah). Unreal.
Liberal nonsense that is out of touch and often factually incorrect.
They discuss some interesting topics in a way that is accessible to people who don’t closely follow financial news. But this is pretty different from other Slate podcasts in that the hosts of Money seem to not much like or respect each other, which makes for a more awkward and unpleasant listening experience. not interrupting people. I love this show but cringe at the number of times a man interrupts and talks over two women. This has been getting worse in the last few weeks, and it doesn’t change, I’ll have to stop listening. The best podcast hosts find a way to manage topics without interrupting, so surely there is training or mentorship in this.
Let the other people finish their sentences. Very frustrating.
Most of the hosts are out of touch with everyday Americans. They have a snobby New York City mentality but still constantly complain about rich people. Anna is the real gem of the show as she provides thoughtful insight and facts over opinion. The show discusses interesting business topics every so often.
A fantastic podcast.
Felix and Co do a great job covering the latest on domestic and world economy.
The Slate Money Travel podcast is the worst elitist BS podcast I’ve ever heard. I’ve been listening to the Money podcast for a while with mixed feelings. I think I’m done with it now. Yuck Felix. This is truly bad. Hey Slate! Let’s not tarnish your brand with this, okay?
I listen to Slate Money every Saturday and it is one of the highlights of my weekend. So, five stars. However, listening to Cathy O'Neil talk about sleep on the Travel edition: zzzzzz.
My cousin recommended this 2 years ago and it has been part of my Saturday morning routine since. Love the range of topics and the different views of the team.
The weekly dive on esoteric finance news of the week in the pod is excellent but there is too much unnecessary foul language and too much republican bashing. I continue to listen and hope they clean up their language and become more balanced in their views/bring in another weekly podcast guest that is reasonably balanced politically.
This is my first ever podcast review, and I'm doing it solely because Anna is fantastic, and makes listening to this still worth it, despite Jordan now being gone. To me, the "golden age" of Slate Money was the relatively brief period when Felix, Anna, and Jordan were the hosts. His replacement, Emily, while she seems very nice and I'm sure is a wonderful person in many ways, just does not seem knowledgeable about many of the discussion topics, and openly admits to only listeining to experts who share her strong partisan leanings when preparing. The best parts of the show now are Anna's epic takedowns of Felix and Emily's not-very-evidence-based-groupthink. Really, Anna is the only thing holding this show together at this point and at least trying to ground the discussions in facts, and if/when she leaves I will probably have to retire this podcast from my list.
His petty interruptions ruin the show and literally make it unlistenable.
I used to love this podcast, because it covered issues it was hard to find anywhere else. But eventually I got sick of Felix constantly interrupting everyone so he could waste time with his halting speech and opinions that were so often called out as uninformed and factually inaccurate by the rest of the panel. Also, Anna speaks a mile a minute, probably to try to get a word in edgewise before Felix monologues again. I love the content and format, but until Felix learns to have a proper conversation, I can’t listen
A few months ago I would have rated this five stars. But Jordan Weissmann is gone and Emily Peck is no substitute. On the WeBurnout edition you could almost hear Anna Szymanski's frustration as Emily kept falling back on anecdotal data when discussing millenial burnout. Anna clear wanted to debate whether the data backed up the premise, Emily didn't seem to care, and Felix just wanted to keep the conversation lively. This podcast is falling apart.
I love this show and I'm so bad at and disinterested in money. I like how they talk about finance as it relates to the broader world and the three hosts have good chemisty. One of them always has an opposing view point to the topic and its refreshing to hear real intellectual debate with both sides being examined. High quality show.
This used to be a great podcast with Jordan and Cathy. Anna held her own for a while, but now it’s basically just Emily and Felix bashing the tech industry with lazy takes while Anna tries to half heartedly mount a defense. I’ll take my mandated dosage of tech criticism from Scott Galloway and Kara Swisher, thanks.
Cryonics episode was great. Hope to hear more of that
This was the most intelligent Brexit discussion I have heard.
Love the mix of co hosts and want to thank Anna for her willingness to play devil’s advocate
A really really really good podcast that could be GREAT if Felix could just resist the urge to interrupt the women mid-sentence. Subscribe to Slate Plus for valuable extras!
The content is always interesting and the topics are good. As are the regular and guest hosts. But Felix consistently cuts off his colleagues, coopting their points and talking too much. He does this primarily with women but does it to everyone. Felix, step back!
Felix has been exposed now that Jordan and Kathy are gone. The conversation goes in circles without getting anywhere, and he holds one opinion one week and a thoroughly contradictory one the next. Noise for the sake of noise. Oh well. RIP.