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These guys. I cannot say enough. Theyre without a doubt one of my favorite crews of podcasters! They've got great great chemistry.
...these Pure Michigan dudes would be her trusty sidekicks! This Podcast is a must listen if you have any interest in the comic arts/design/poop sweat genre. Sometimes I like to put on my old Girbaud jeans from middle school, cook up some Pizza Rolls and listen to their sweet & sultry voices. Sincerely, Hot Butter Podcast - Bret
I don't read many comics, but that isn't a requirement to enjoy this podcast. It's a group of guys having a lot of fun with each other talking about comics and comics culture, and I agree with most of what they say about Gotham.
This show is a funny listen by guys in a comic shop. Not your typical comics podcast, as they focus on indie creators. A great listen!
Great show, always a good time tuning in!
GREAT POD GREAT PEOPLE -chris attention deficit order podcast.
These guys are great. The banter between them is natural and charismatic. The topics of conversation are enjoyable and entertaining. I will be subscribing from here on out.
I'll be honest, I'm not into comics at all but I stumbled across these guys recently and gave it a listen. And wow I still found myself super intrigued and %100 entertained all the way through. The chemistry of these guys is flawless and gives off great vibes of just hanging out at your local shop and shooting the breeze about what you love most. Definitely a must listen podcast no matter who you are!!!
These guys know what they're talking when it comes to comicbooks have very different and varying opionons on books. Read a lot of Indie books which is almost becasue not all comicbooks are about Superheroes.
By far the best comic book based podcast on the net.