Reviews For Doctor Madblood's Podcast Show

I'm 41 years old and I have to say as a kid, staying up to watch the Dr. Madblood Show used to be the absolute highlight of my weekends. I loved his silly sense of humor, the duengon/lab, and his don't take it all too seriously deminor. I can recall as a 10 year old (circa 1976) when my parents snuck out to go to the disco, I faked sleeping to stay up and see...The Excorist! I don't think I've ever been sooo scared. I can remember how reluctant he was to air it, and was telling us how people went running out of the theaters in New York due to fear, etc. I also enjoyed all the background info he would give about the film and really engaged my curiosity about the supernatural. Today of course, I'm and Art Bell fan and have done my share of studying the occult and supernatural, even minored in comparative philosophy while getting my BS. Anyway, Dr. Madblood really helped me wonder and imagine what was beyond the veil of every day existence while growing up in rural Suffolk, VA. Cheers to the good Dr. and I just can't express how happy I am to discover that his majic lives on via the web.
The Madblood podcasts are from the locally produced television show, Doctor Madblood, out of Hampton, VA. My only knowledge of the show (which I have never seen, btw) is through the pod casts. The shows are very much like repertory theatre with a number of quirky characters and their adventures.