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I stumbled upon this podcast when I was going through a rut in my life. ( work,personal, etc) I listened to one episode and was hooked. I started to listen from the beginning every day in my commute and I have become so inspired to persue the life of travel that I crave. Nathaniel, you and your guests on your show have changed my life and given me hope and inspiration. Everywhere I travel I think back to a relevant episode. When I can travel on a more frequent basis I will think of where I started and that is with this podcast. I just want to say thank you. This is my #1 favorite podcast of all time. Keep inspiring 😊 Pheebs
Loaded with practical advice and inspiration. Well done show.
You may find yourself just picking podcasts that just interest you by subject. That's fine. It's all good!
I have been listening to your podcasts nonstop ever since I came across the travelers two weeks ago. I recently just got married and my husband and I have dreamed of traveling the world together. Your show has inspired us to make our dreams a reality and we're planning our first big trip out of the US together to go backpacking across Europe. Thank you so much for sharing your vision of inspiring everyone to just get out and travel. It's made a huge difference in our life!
Love listening to this show it makes me feel like I'm traveling every day. The storytelling is super uplifting and I feel like I'm more of myself when I'm listening to this podcast. It's good to be amongst other travel lovers
I love this show! It helped me take the step to join AmeriCorps (which let me travel to about 30 states this year). It inspires you to travel and then tells you a bunch of different methods how.
I really like Nathaniel Boyle’s interview style. He is energetic, insightful, and inspiring. He has introduced me to a number of great “next generation” or “generation now” travel writers. If you want to understand how the world of travel writing has changed and where it’s going in the future—this is the podcast.
Let me just start by saying wow! I don't think I've ever thrown my hands the air from excitement over a podcast. From the moment I pressed play, it didn't turn off for the entirety of the work day and the days that followed. Just the intro alone and I was hooked. I kept thinking wow this is exactly what I want in my life and have always made excuses. It's funny that sometimes it takes just a small mental push to create leaps in actuality. No longer am I letting my mundane lifestyle of the typical 9-5 living the "air quotes here" (American Dream) control my existence. I crave so much more and I'm ready to make bounds towards this goal. Thank you Nathaniel for truly opening the locked door in my head that has successfully impeded me from traveling for so long. Kudos 👌
I absolute love this podcast. Number one of my top 10. I am updating my review. Nathaniel sent me an email and the beginners guide to Points and Miles. I was having technical difficulities downloading the free book. Thank you Nathaniel. I wish you great success in your travel career. I have never been outside of the US but because of your podcast I did get a passport. Every journey starts with a first step.
Super inspiring and helpful... Whoop whoop... keep going Nathaniel!!!!!!!
This is such a great show! It has taught me valuable lessons about life and has motivated me to keep pursuing my dreams and passions. If you have the travel bug or if you’re entrepreneurially minded, then I would definitely recommend subscribing to this podcast!
I am planning my own travels and Nathaniel's podcast help me so much. I love all the guests he had on the show, his laid back interview style, all the wonderful stories. I listen to it at work everyday and it's really pushing me even harder to make my travel life becoming reality. You want to be an explorer after you listen to his podcasts. Thank you for a wonderful podcast Nathaniel!
Traveling can do so much to change your life and gaining an appreciation for different cultures and peoples can do so much to improve our world. Great tips and advice have helped me plan trips. My only regret is not having the time to travel more!
Nathaniel has curated a great wealth of interesting and compelling content with his podcast. He ha interviewed an incredible cast of characters who have been to all corners of the world. Who have experienced events that many have not. It is motivating and inspriring , check out some of these stories.
A wonderful travel podcast that encompasses all things travel. Nathaniel and his guests have gotten me off the couch and I’ve started taking big and small steps to leading a more adventurous life. I thank Nathaniel silently each time I listen to his podcast and try something new. Now I want to thank him publicly.
Nathaniel - Thanks for great travel tips and cultural insights. Your show is not only informative but very entertaining with an excellent conversational format. Definitely a fan! Cheers.
I just recently started listening to the podcast in the last month or so, and I've already gone through so many of the episodes! I've traveled before but always with friends and family, but I've been itching to go out and explore on my own for the first time and will be going to Europe this year, and this podcast definitely helped me take the leap of faith! Can't wait to go to Europe on my own, still trying to figure out if I should stay in hostels, Air b&b home shares, or hotels since it'll be the first time I'll be traveling on my own...
I just found "The Daily Travel Podcast" because I follow "GoneWithTheWynns" and you interviewed them. Great job. I was impressed as the quality of the podcast was so clear and professional. If the rest of your podcasts are anything like this one you are ready for radio! Great job. I am now following you too!
Very good show, Nathaniel exposes many important questions and aspects of travel and the guests share their unique stories.
While traveling for several months last year, I found myself listening to dozens of new podcasts to pass time on the road. I could not, however, seem to find a podcast on the topic of travel (my favorite subject!) that could keep my attention. Thankfully this year I found The Daily Travel Podcast. Not only is it informative and inspiring, but Nathaniel really has a pulse on what makes travelers tick and who is out there talking and living a life of travel. The episodes are consistently good and always make me think. Plus, it’s even humorous at times! Win.
As a professional traveler and Diplomatic Courier tasked with supplying U.S. embassies worldwide, I find this podcast very interesting and informative. Travel truly is the best education. Kudos.
This podcast has provided me with tons of useful tips and information for traveling and living extraordinary!
Never thought of myself as a traveler but this podcast has me excited to venture out and try new things. Awesome!
This podcast always has me itching to get out and travel! The joy is in the journey! Great podcast!
A great podcast to listen to! Love to hear about his travels on my iPhone :).
It’s nice to learn about the world in an interesting way from Nathaniel’s experiences as well as his guests. This podcast brings the world to life right from the comforts of my iPhone. Thanks for providing entertaining content in the area of travel and exploring. Job well done!
Great show... Really enjoyed the information provided... Love the tips provide. Thanks for putting this show together. Keep it going
Nathaniel digs into the deeper meaning of why to travel. I really enjoy his “gift of gab” in his conversations and his ability to motivate you to want to travel more.
Great travel content from exciting destinations to creating a life of travel. Where to go, how to make it happen. Great guests, conversations, stories and insights!
If you want to travel or are considering an extended trip you HAVE TO listen to this podcast! Nathaniel’s enthusiasm is particularly catchy, and the inspiration/information from his world traveling guests is nothing short of priceless. I have listened to every travel oriented podcast I can find on iTunes and will decisively say that “The Daily Travel Podcast” is in a class all of its own. Rock on Nathaniel!
gets me excited and motivated every time!!
Nathaniel does a great job interviewing his guests about their travel experiences. If you do a lot of traveling or just thinking about your first trip, then you will love this show... Derek Smith, "Selling On Purpose"
The bad thing about the show is that once you hear how others are making it possible to make travel part of their lives won't be the can't help but think of ways you want to travel more in your life. Love the show
What a great idea for a podcast. I love to travel and this has really gotten me thinking about how I can travel more without it costing an arm and a leg and create life long memories for me and my fanmily. Great job!
The Daily Travel Podcast changes how I experience my day whenever I listen to an episode, whether I’m traveling or stuck behind my desk, it has a way of injecting inspiration and excitement into your pores. Beyond the general tone, the podcast is full of extremely helpful info for the casual traveler or the full time vagabond. It’s the best way to cut through the endless clutter I find in google and discover the best travel resources. Nathaniel Boyle shares his authentic passion, not just for his travels, but for helping and inspiring others to enjoy and fulfill our innate need to explore and experience the world. Thank you Nathaniel… (One further note: the production value of the show is refreshingly well done.)
Loving how Nathaniel focuses on travel and the lifestyle of people who bound around the world from one seemingly life-changing adventure to the next. Keep it up :)
Everyone loves the idea of traveling and being location independent. I love listening to this show, because it helps me to realize that I can make the dream of location independence a reality!
If you love to travel you should really subscribe to this podcast. The insights and discussions are great! A great podcast to listen to on the road too! -Omar Zenhom, The $100 MBA Show Podcast
Nathaniel has energy by the boatloads and he needs it to put out the amount of content he's producing. Such a wide variety of guests and stories to tell. If you're into travel or just want to be, listen up. Good stuff.
What an upbeat, inspiring show! I’m not a big traveller but do have plans to do more of it in the future. This show is a great resource, thank you!
Very, very good info here and one like I've never seen(or heard) before. Great resource for anyone who loves to travel or even anyone who just wants to learn about different cultures. Great idea, Nathaniel!
So far this year I’ve been to Scotland and am going to Costa Rica next month. The information I learn always comes in helpful. I’m thinking the next place I go will probably be inspired from your podcast. Thanks Nathaniel!
Thanks for doing this show, Nathaniel!! You and your guests give such great travel info. This show has really helped me.
SUPER helpful. and I’m all for anything that promotes travel! :)
Listening to the podcast is like going on an adventure with you. Really cool stuff. Favorite quote from Chris Plough episode, "it was supposed to only be -20 or -30 degrees that day, but it was 20 degrees colder"....uhhhh, on a motorcycle to the arctic circle? You are blowing this Texan's mind!! Keep up the amazing stories and adventures. @lisacummings | Career Q&A podcast
Being a new global traveller I am really looking fwd to this podcast and learning more about places I have been and am going.
The first time I heard of this podcast was the Ginger Kern’s episode. I say “Oh, my god” because his studio sound is so professional. His voice is clear and everything he says is very engaging. I’m jealous hahaha. I’m not going to lie I’m really jealous right now. I hope one day I can reach where he is today. I’m learning more about how he structures his interviews and makes it exciting. Oh. My. God. Too good.
I've never been much of a traveler, but shows like this make me think I should give it a try. Keep it up, Nathaniel!
Great stuff. Makes me want to just hit the road and have an amazing adventure