Reviews For Penny Dreadful City Of Angels After Show Podcast

If you are watching the show and don’t have a group of like-minded friends to rehash the episode with, then this might be the podcast for you! Plus if you wait to listen until say Wednesday, then it doesn’t feel so very long until Sunday and watching the next new episode!
For me this podcast is mandatory listening, as they constantly bring up things I missed in the show. I doubt I would've kept watching without it. The hosts do their homework, and provide thoughtful insight. My only negative is the same issue I have with all Afterbuzz podcats: the anoying pre-made Afterbuzz bumper music and seqway sound effects. I realize they need to get their branding in there, but at leat they could come up with different options that don't clash with the tone of the podcast.
Shoutout to the Jesse Spano lookalike, she bad. Great recaps, but should be more organized, they seem to jump to different plot points sporadically at times. Roxy bad too...
I love the Penny Dreadful and the capper for every episode was listening to the Afterbuzz Podcast. I love a podcast that builds theories and becomes a part of the show for lack of a better term as opposed to a podcast that just recaps. My favorite is Marissa because she is a book lover just as I am and her insights via the books helps both the show and refreshes my memories of the books I read long ago.
Most of my friends don’t watch this so it’s nice to listen to a great conversation about each episode!! Thanks everyone!
Great show. Love the way it makes me think a little differently about the show and gives me more to think as I am watching the show
I typically love and look forward to all AfterBuzz commentaries for all of my favorite shows. It's my go to "friend" to rehash the show. Unfortunately, this one is not so great. The hosts were a bit difficult to listen to as they seemed nervous, which I can totally understand as it's the first show, and a little too overexcited about doing the show. It's conversation and insight I'm looking for and anticipating. One host, apologies for forgetting their names, was well read and knew her history and clearly tried to read up on what she didn't know. The other host clearly did not; she mainly asked a lot of questions and didn't contribute much. But, I was hoping that it was first show jitters and looked forward to the next episode but have been unable to locate it in the AfterBuzz app nor in iTunes. Which is very disappointing. I'm hoping I have just missed it through some fault of my own. Penny Dreadful is a great show and there's a lot to talk about and dissect. I think the podcast would be much better with the changing of the hosts or at least, one of the hosts, or possibly adding another who can bring in another calmer and knowledgeable voice.
The hosts seem to be very knowledgeable about the background stories and history of the characters. Which I absolutely loved. Unfortunately, the two ladies came across as nervous and this took away from the overall experience. Ladies, you know your stuff!!! Perhaps things will be a little more relaxed once everyone is in place. I look forward to hearing next week's show.
Loved all the information I got from this podcast Since once upon a time's going this will be My new Show on Monday's
Loving the host's ,this show shows a lot of potential .keep up the great work .CHRIS from (attention deficit order podcast )