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PleAse to do a review of my hero academia and sword art online aliczation but you Gus are my fav
Will you do more anime in the future? If so one of the best anime’s EVER in my opinion is daganronpa, it’s a about a death school that’s all I’ll say, No Spoilers!
Are you gonna do the movie and alicization arc? Please please do!!!!!
The new sword art online show is out make an after show
This is my second After Show that I’ve listened to and I love what you guys have to say. I get more of my chores done when I listen to it and you guys often make me laugh. I’ve been rewatching SAO 1&2 and your views make me think. I would love if you’d reviewed the newest SAO season SAO Alicization, which is currently on Crunchyroll! Love you guys!


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I hope you guys come back for season 3 coming later this year.
IM ON DE FIRST EPISODE AND I ALREADY LOVE IT!!!!!! AT SCHOOL I AM LEADER OF THE ANIME GEEKS!!!! LIKE I AM THE BIGGEST ANIME GEEK U WILL EVER FIND!!!!! IM ALSO IN LOVE WIT GAARA!!!!! (Cause who isn't?) could u guys pls do nanatsu no taizai (the seven deadly sins) I FREAKING LOVE THAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!
It's sometimes hard to find unbiased reviews & thoughts on SAO, so when I found this I was thrilled. It's entertaining, funny, and relatable thoughts & opinions on SAO.
Really enjoy after buzz. Makes the time go by at work so much faster. Sometimes I get annoyed with so many feminist based complaints regarding fan service and other aspects. Not that they aren't justified, me being a guy it might just be harder for me to relate. Regardless I do really like listening, and enjoy hearing people talk about anime.
This podcast is the best podcast on afterbuzz! It has all of my favorite afterbuzz hosts all in one podcast. I really hope SOA III comes out soon, so that this podcast would come back.
I listen to this every night before bed, and it reminds of how great this anime is.
great hosts! super entertaining, and the discussions makes the show way better
Very funny
I love afterbuzz TV its was awesome when you had Cherami Leigh (Asuna) and Brycen Papenbrook (Kirito) I was laughing the whole time even the you got off subject a few times it was still great I'm looking forward to further episodes luv you guys bye!
After I found this show, I became addicted to it. I absolutely loved hearing their brilliant insights and predictions. It's also really cool how they are able to get so many awesome guests. All that we need now is more anime on AfterBuzzTV.
hey guys, thanks for the new review of saturday’s episode. thanks to sword art online, i was inspired to add more songs to my soundtrack that is always about love and courage and to never give up. and each song is dedicated to the characters of sword art online. including yuuki. thanks and keep up the good work
Awesome in depth analysis of the show.


By Duhrfhi
You guys are awesome and love when you guys talked about episode 24 it was great keep going with season two
I enjoy listening to this every week! I love getting a different insight and hearing about things that I might have missed while watching the episode, so thank you to all the people on SAO panel for making it so enjoyable to listen to each week, I look forward to it each Sunday!
It's great to see 2 anime shows on AfterBuzz TV. The Hosts have great opinions and they keep the show funny and loose. Tell your bosses you're bosses you guys are doing a great job.
Wonderful to hear the many opinions on this groundbreaking series. The panel chemistry is definitely present. You can hear it in their voices. I love how they can wrangle special guests from the series' staff. 5 stars, no question. I'll be a loyal subscriber until the series ends. Luckily there's other shows to hear from on the AfterBuzz TV Network as well. ❤️
Yay! I found my people! Please do more Anime on AfterBuzz TV. I really enjoy your mature real world view of Anime cultural differences included. I also love your serious/not so serious approach! Keep it up!
Great show
This aftershow is amazing. The hosts are very amazing, their insights into the show keeps me coming back for more. Thanks for your awesome work!!!
More anime after shows please! <3
We need more anime shows on afterbuzz tv!!!
Cool anime podcast!!!!!