Hello! This is the Doomed Show.

Reviews For Hello! This is the Doomed Show.

If you’re looking for a fresh look at some obscure horror then this is for you. Stop your life and just sit in a room, eating saltine crackers and listen to this podcast all day.
Crazy soundbits, quirky humor, and a coo coo clock make up this awesome podcast that dissects everything from gialli to cheesefests! Highly recommend especially if your a Cameron Mitchell groupie!
The show is great. Interesting choices of movies are covered. I really like the banter that the host has with his cohosts. Just sad that there are not more episodes. Now, if I could just get the show to review Private Parts, my life would be complete. Please don't ever stop what you guys are doing on the show, it makes my day. P.S. I'm a closet!
Lots of fun with plenty of quirky humor! The calling out of a movie's poor quality is done with loving affection so rarely heard from other podcasts. The playful banter always feels natural and genuine. Plus there's a coo-coo clock!
Love the show! Very entertaining and super informative reviews of horror movies that the casual viewer may have not seen. They definitely have made me want to scout out some of these classics! Check em out, highly recommend!