10 Seconds to Happy's Podcast

Reviews For 10 Seconds to Happy's Podcast

These podcasts are amazing! And the seminars are even better. She brings enthusiasm and passion to her delivery of these life changing tools. If we all took the time to re-train our minds to a more positive approach, we would share PEACE and contentment. Try it, it WORKS!
What an upbeat podcast. I found it very interesting and informative. Keep up the great work.
Cherie's approach towards that endless search for happiness is truly insightful, humorous, packed with educational information & simple tools we can apply to aid us in our quest for ultimate, life long happiness. An Amazing Resource for everyone...easy & enjoyable to listen to...like your hanging out with your Best Friend...have a listen, you'll be HAPPY u did!!!! ;)
This was the most insightful information I have heard ever on understanding the mind and why we struggle to be happy! Loved it! Keep them coming. Please we need this!
Great info!