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As a preacher’s kid, I am picky about Pastors. I adored my daddy and he got to go home too early for us. Cancer took him at 60. At 68 I still miss him. I can respect Robert as I did my Dad. Robert is a great teacher-preacher and more than that, his children love and work for the Lord. That speaks volumes about who he and Debbie are. That is why I believe he lives what he preaches.


By debait
Paster Robert Morris is so insightful. And funny.
I have listened to this sermon and several sermons from Pastor Roberts . Most of them, more than once and never get tired of them. Pastor Roberts sermons are very powerful and deep. Two passages, three points clearly explained and illustrated. What a great teacher . I am from Ghana planning to visit your church one day. By the way, The sermon on “I’m in the chair”was very torching and powerful.
Thanks again for fixin the podcasts. Appreciate yall greatly. God bless.
I love listening while at the gym or around the house. I run around the gym with a smile in my face often breaking out in laughter. What’s better than truth with humor?!
When a new sermon is released it’s not showing up in the podcast feed. Instead I have to go to my subscribed shows and search for available podcast to find the sermon.
UPDATE: looks like some are saying the podcast is now updating, but I am having no luck. The issue seems to be that the audio podcast has no dates on the latest as episodes. Hopefully someone will notice. I’ve unsubscribed and resubscribed a few times, but still have the same result. Looks like a number of people having the issue. I’m wondering anyone reads these reviews though. Such a bummer because the content is so good.
It’s been weeks since I’ve gotten a update. I did re-subscribe and received the podcasts, but then they disappeared. I miss hearing Pastor Robert. Thanks for the help, R
The last available episode is from May 25. I love this podcast and want to follow along with the most recent episodes but they are not posting in the “available episodes” section. Please fix this issue as all episodes previous to this date have no problem posting here. Thank you for this wonderful ministry!
Thanks for listening
I also am not getting current updates unless I re-subscribe each week. Is there a fix for this yet?
This podcast is one of only 3 on my phone. Robert Morris is one of my favorite ministers of the Gospel. I look forward to new podcasts, but lately it there have been no updates. 😕 Hopefully this will be resolved soon!
I see another listener posting the same issue. Why is the podcast not updating as it should. It did in the past. Please fix. Love the teaching!!
I love this podcast and have been a faithful listener for a long time since I live too far away to attend in person. But new episodes are no longer posting since Easter. It’s been several months... what’s going on?
I love love love these messages!!!! I just wish the recent episodes would update in my subscription area. I have to search for the podcast again every time.
In normal subscription area it won’t show recent episodes. If you search it shows them, frustrating hope this gets fixed as it has been months now. Love the podcast though!
Podcast hasn’t updated since end of May.
This podcast stopped updating. FYI.
Every week I look forward to teaching from Pastor Robert. Some weeks I get a bonus and hear Jimmy Evans! Such a blessing!
Love Gateway, but cannot get current broadcasts, why? Would love to listen to them, please help. Dawn 586-522-9550
I can’t express with known English *how GRATEFUL I am for Pastor Morris to share his perspective on this platform*
I love everything Gateway does. Having access to these sermons is so helpful!
I just love this church I wish I had the church up here. Thank goodness for podcasts I can listen to y’all.
Every time I hear Pastor Robert I feel the Holy Spirit speaking. Truly blessed!
I live in Virginia and my pastor is Robert Morris. I have a local church in which I serve. I am fed the Word so richly by Pastor Morris and the excellent speakers and other pastors there. See what a difference one life totally committed to God can bring to this world. Thank you God! Thank you Pastor Morris and Gateway Church!!
Pastor Robert’s messages have helped my spiritual growth tremendously. His knowledge, experience, and anointing to preach make his messages profound yet still easily applicable to our daily life situations. Thank you Gateway for all your hard word work and dedication.
This podcast has literally changed my life. A couple years ago, I was sitting in the gym parking lot listening to Pastor Morris preach about the assurance of salvation. Although I had been raised in church and professed to be a Christian, I realized then that I wasn’t saved. Pastor Morris talked about the scripture that says “Depart from me, I never knew you.” and I realized then that scripture was talking about me. As I sat there and cried, I surrendered my will to the Lord and received the gift of salvation. Even though we have never met, I will forever be thankful for Pastor Morris.
Pastor Morris has become one of my favorite pastors and I can not wait to visit his church in Dallas on our cross country trip this Christmas 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
Thank You Jesus for this Podcast. Wow... I have been a believer since I was a child. I was baptized both in the water and the spirit before I was 13. This series has helped me in so many ways. Day 1 within the first 5-10 mins I realized that even though I knew the Holy Spirit is a person, I never addressed Him as such. I always prayed to God the father and Jesus but never talked to the Holy Spirit. So much knowledge and clear teaching of the scriptures. He brought clarity to questions that I had and things that I thought I knew the answers to he showed me in the scriptures that I was wrong. Wow... I am so grateful that I stumbled upon or better yet lead by the Holy Spirit to this series.


Thank you Bro Joe for your podcast. Have followed your ministry for probably 20 years and you continue to provide needed marriage and parenting wisdom from God's Word. Look forward to many more years of following you as you follow Christ.
I've been a member of Gateway for 5 years now. Pastor Morris speaks so clearly to where anyone can understand what the Bible says because I know in the begining the Bible seemed like a foreign language. He easily breaks it down, keeps you engaged and puts in laymans terms...must be because he's a Texan and his accent.
I heard Pastor Robert as a guest on Susie Larson's radio show, and I've been checking out the Gateway sermons ever since. I find the series to be super thorough and helpful. They have quality and variety of guest speakers, too. I've recommended to others as well.
I live in another State and I listen to Robert Morris on YouTube and now podcasts. I have learned so much from his sermons. You all are very lucky to have this Church.
I listen and I always come out blessed. Pastor Robert Morris is truly annointed. God bless you and Gateway Church!
Thank you so much for this wonderful podcast, it is such a blessing in my life.


I listen to gateway podcasts as often as I can. I was looking for a church during a time of struggle for me in my home church and was thinking about finding another church that could fill my spiritual needs at the time due to feeling like my home church wasn't helping me I listened to one of their sermons and fell in love with the way they talk about god I felt they were just talking to me and only me even though there were others listening as well. If I ever get the chance to visit Gateway I hope the experience will be just as good or better! I love Gateway!
Pastor Morris has a great way of grabbing hold of and not letting go of your attention. You'll learn a ton about the Word of God, and, if that knowledge is applied, it will change the way you read your bible. Great stuff
Please post more podcasts. These sermons are helping me grow as a Christ follower. Incredible teaching.
Sharp and spirt filled Bibilical insights. Pastor Morris has an amazing gift.
I have been a member of Gateway since early 2000. Now I live overseas, serving HIM. I have to listen to pastor Robert for my spiritual survival at a land where people do not know the Lord. This podcast is such a blessing. His teaching, preaching and writing is a gift from The Lord, applies to everyday life and very deep. Thank you Gateway!
Great sound biblical teaching
I regularly download Gateway sermons and they are always insightful, inspiring, and deep. They supplement my church attendance and Bible studies. They have helped me grow closer to Christ. Thank you!
Thank you for the free podcasts! I love listening to the sermon throughout the week so that it really "sinks in". Thanks :)
Heard Robert Morris at Church on the Move in Tulsa,Ok. I didn't know anyone could teach like our Pastor George but now I am hooked on your podcasts! My son lives in McKinney, Tx so I hope to visit the church soon! Thanks for listening, hearing and being lead by Holy Spirit! PS Preston Morrison's sermon on the wilderness has changed my life!
I used to be heavy on drugs and almost got swallowed by sin. Thank you Jesus for putting Pastor Morris in my life. He has been with me every step of the way to being a man of salvation to guide my family. I go to one of his churches in Frisco, TX every Sunday and I really feel his presence in the church.
I am blessed to be a member, and Angel, Gateway is starting another extension campus in 2012--in Scottsdale AZ!
Thanks for this and the video podcasts. We watch them at home and at church.


By lalzee
If there is a better weekly, spiritual, Biblical, life-changing Christian podcast i'd love to hear it!!! AWESOMELY BIBLICAL, and all you have to do is listen and let the Holy Spirit lead you. Thank you and God Bless you Gateway! larry lasseter


By tdagg
Pastor Morris is the clearest Bible teacher I know. His messages lead you further into Christ.