Chasing Windmills

Reviews For Chasing Windmills

This is a smart and funny vlog about people you'd feel comfortable identifying with. The characters are complicated, funny and although they are both struggling to find intimacy with losing their own perspectives they want to lose themselves too. In other words, they are regular people facing whatever comes or goes. You want to see this, You want others to know that you watch this. This is so causal and authentic, it is uber cool.
I don't go in for audio podcasts, but I'm really starting to enjoy video ones. This is by far my favorite. It has great production values and they actually put out a movie every day! It's incredible. Their mix of funny and dramatic observations of the reality of being in love is truly inspiring.
You can think of "Chasing Windmills" as a "Stranger Than Paradise" in vlog form, with Minneapolis substituted for Cleveland, and Puerto Rico standing in for Florida. The two main characters keep you watching day after day, as they unfold their cross-cultural life at cross purposes. The most serious, artistic, and downright enjoyable vlog I've found.
This vlog is a serialized narrative unlike any other I've seen. The daily vignettes are character sketches and aesthetic moments that stand alone, but also stitch together into an ongoing exploration of the lives of two people who struggle for intimacy and peace of mind. Emotional and surprising, the story takes us through many average locations and mundane activities, but something intense is always lurking beneath the surface. Highly recommended for viewers wanting something more reflective and hard to categorize.
This is one of those vlogs I watch ceremoniously on my iPod. Its obvious that the creators put a lot of effort and care into it and it shows in the end product. I'd recommend everyone to start from the beginning and visit their blog and learn what goes on behind the scenes. Thumbs up!