Cross Church

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Pastor Floyd tells it like it is. A great man with a great plan.
Pastor Floyd teaches life changing messages every week.
There is no way to thank God appropriately for his gift of great teachers. And our Pastor Floyd is one of them. He brings truth from the bible each day. The sometimes hard, but always biblical, view of how God loves us and wants us to follow his path. I respect the fact his teachings are convicting and right on the mark. God has his hand on this man. Thank you Pastor for moving forward in a path that is sometimes thankless, tough and yet most important!!
Pastor Floyd is one of the best Bible teachers you will find. There are a few podcasts I listen to in order to learn more about the Bible, to listen to teachers who study it and can share their learnings in clear and understandable ways. Pastor Floyd is one of those. He is clear and unashamed of the scriptures and will challenge you to a deeper relationships with Jesus.
Want a blessing?Visit First Baptist Church of Springdale Arkanas your life will be forever changed! Praise God!!


By smarney
great church!


By samra
Great Worship, teaching, quality and effort!