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These guys are so funny. I live just south of portland and listen to these guys almost daily. One of the best you will find!
i love these guys they are so funny! i listned to them all the time!


By schwabs
This podcast and show is hilarious. I listen and watch the shows as much as I can since it is so funny. Avid fan, a must for many.
Live in portland, Oregon and i'm glad i do. i get to listen to the morning playhouse and after 10am when all the fun's over i podcast and listen to it and the fun stay's with me all day. You guys wake me up in the morning and get me going for the long day. Thanks Playhouse.
I grew up near Portland, Oregon and have listened to the Playhouse since they came along there. I moved away two years ago, but caught PHTV on vacation back over New Years, and am exstatic to see them on podcast!!! Funniest group ever, keep up the good work!!!
I am a long-time listener from Vancouver, WA and this show gets funnier and funnier every time it is picked up in a new city. Keep it up Playhouse, I love how you keep your roots local. I love watching your tv show, it is so fun to see you all on tv after listening on my way to work.
this show is s funny. this should be on adult swim. keep up the good work.
Great podcasts. I enjoy listening to you here in Portland, OR and just wish you could video podcast the whole show! Keep up the great stuff!
The PlLayhouse is great. The video podcast is great. Highly recommend the audio version too for tons more content. Listen to this everyday


This Podcast is awsome its a must have for sure
...and its free too!