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Is one of the most beautiful and moving and heart wrenching experience I have ever had. Keep up the amazing work.
I love Reveal...great content, excellent coverage of stories, so well produced. Thank you for creating such a great podcast!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
This is the best in depth journalism of any media, in my opinion.
Fantastic journalism exploring fascinating topics. Al is a great host and narrator. I highly recommend this series.
Some of the topics are more interesting than others, but Al is a great host.
Credible, deep diving journalism. I wish they’d cover more health topics, though (the Essure one was fascinating). Love Al’s narration, too.
I got it right so I am super happy, but overall I love this podcast! Keep up the good work! Roman from Chicago
I love you Reveal and I’m so proud to support your work. My dream is to be an investigative Journalist I’m too old now but I live my dream through the show thank you for your service.
This show is terrific. It’s very well done and each episode is comprehensively researched. I enjoy this show immensely and would highly recommend it.


Al letson is my favorite person. He’s an amazing reporter and I wish he would read me bedtime stories
Love the podcast, really good investigative reporting. What I’d like to hear and I think many other listeners would also like is a series of podcasts on.... Alexa devices and hidden microphones in private homes. Even go back to as far as the 1970s when then president offices were bugged. Explain all that. Then come full circle to present day time to show what Alexa “hears” and how that information is used.
I recently came across this podcast and as a purveyor of all news sources I have to say I was refreshed by the in depth reporting without leaning any direction. Objective news facts to inform and illicit an emotion from the public in a natural way is how we unify as a people and fight for our rights. Thankful podcasts and sources like this exist
This is a phenomenal podcast. The host and reporting quality throughout is truly greAt.
I really appreciate the objectivity, fairness and attention to detail presented in this podcast. Extremely consequential issues are being reported on without the spin and misrepresentation of facts that I see from other news organizations. Keep up the good work!


By zeljim
Once again you guys got me to choke up This is a great podcast I love it


By tiatori
Had not considered the ladies who are more vulnerable to sexual prowlers been consumed & still healing w/ my own ‘past’ victimization. The reporting is great; with far reaching details from the women themselves. The podcast is informative. Keep up the good work!
Everyone needs to listen
Absolutely untrue regarding Amazon. Type of person who most likely doesn’t like working....
Please keep up the good work


By dwayneb
This is quality investigative reporting. I also like the developmental opportunities given to recent high quality graduates who want to embrace journalism as a career. Gravo....


Listening for the first time and I’m becoming a member
I highly recommend. As Al says, there is always more to the story.
More Liberal media BS. The episode about voting rights is pukemaking. Liberal Trash
Logical leaps made by Reveal make all reporting suspect. Years back, these missing connections were tangential to the core conclusions, but in the last year many of the episodes are based entirely on an opinion that is never established as factual. I applaud the actual investigative reporting once done, but this is now as bad as Fox News.
This team is doing a great job in exposing the egregious face of injustice, hopefully people stare at its ugly face and it repels them to the extent that they pursue the path of justice
This podcast uncovers so much and tells a compelling story while they do so.
I’m a paid subscriber to Reveal, where these pods come from. I love their in-depth investigation of an issue. Plus, I love Al’s voice! I don’t have time to read Propublica’s articles. Is it possible to turn them into podcasts? Keep up the excellent work.
Wonderful in depth reporting. I never miss an episode.
The variety of topics investigated are insightful, meaningful, and exceptional. Please keep them coming!!!!
It’s a shame this podcast is so heavy-handed with their political bias! The topics are really interesting and the production is well done, but I am going to unsubscribe because I’m so sick of political bias in either direction!
I am so grateful this podcast exists. Well-conducted investigative journalism with a focus on effecting real change!
This used to be one of the podcasts that I would listen to as soon as an episode came out. However, with the annoying rebroadcasts, which seem to comprise a big part of their episodes now, I’ve delegated it to the back burner. For example I have 19 broadcasts downloaded and waiting to be listened to. This is a great podcast but if you want to provide an update for a previously broadcasted podcast, just do a short update broadcast which stands on its own or add it to another new broadcast. Hoping this show goes back to what it was before.
I have been listening to Reveal for over a year now.and It is the one place I can go to get the real facts and dig deeper into a topic I wouldn’t hear about in the every day news cycle. I crave the Reveal episodes and walk away feeling overwhelmed but have gained so much knowledge. Keep up the amazing work!
I love this podcast. Amazing reporting, amazing research, amazing interviews. It’s what news should look like.
I gat so angry so Sad and just ... what are these black holes and why are they You can not be human and do what they do
I’ve been subscribed for over a year but I’ve had it. So much potential clouded by bias. Reveal/Berkeley CA? Say no more. Great if you’re a liberal in need of motivation. Couldn’t cover 2 sides of an issue of lives depended on it.
This is what true journalism looks like and SO needed.
Amazing, amazing, on history of boycott! How.... do... you.... do.... Palestine, Ireland, Mississippi, Boston Tea Party in one podcast?? Please than your grantors and PRX for bold, fascinating journalism. this??
The narrator’s enunciation and cadence are far below the standard befitting a professional, high-level podcast such as this; with its excellent content. Replacing this narrator with a well spoken professional with a good voice would have me give 5 stars.
It’s easy to sympathize with the adult children featured in the podcast. These children did experience alienation and manipulation by abusive parents where there was a breakdown in courts and counselors. However, to use those examples to characterize parental alienation is nothing short of ignorance. Antiquated research sited and no acknowledgment of parents in a weekly struggle with a borderline or narcissist coparent. Super disappointed anyone would consider this journalism. Gross.
Reveal-I apologize but I don’t know any other way to seek help. I’ve been harassed almost to suicide. This has been going on for several years. -I had to flee an assisted living facility for my own safety. -I had cervical spine surgery, which failed and left me with a contusion on my spinal cord and a spinal cord injury of my entire Cervical spine. -Complex Regional Pain Syndrome -My support dog suddenly became severely ill, which lead to her death. -The mailing address for my commercial medical insurance was changed-without my knowledge -I pay over $600 a month for the commercial medical insurance but have been locked out of my online account so I don’t know the providers I can see or my exact coverage. -My mailing address was changed-without my knowledge. -My bank account address changed-without my knowledge. -After I left the assisted living facility I had to live in a hotel for nearly two months before I could move into a handicap assessable apartment. -Something happened to every email address I had so I could no longer use any of them. -I am a 58 year old female. I’m alone. I was once pushed repeatedly while on a walk with my dog (after the cervical spine surgery) Law enforcement officers came to the scene and let the male who hurt me leave. The officers did not make a report to my knowledge. Someone needs to find out how these things can happen in the United States of America because I doubt I’m the only person who is experiencing such debilitating and isolating events. This is not everything-
This podcast does an incredible job at choosing topics and getting to the facts through interviews with experts and other stakeholders. Ignore the “left wing bias” reviews. Clearly, too many folks are triggered by stories that go against their own point of view. It’s sad that people are so brainwashed by propaganda these days that factual stories make them uncomfortable. This podcast does a great job at covering immigration, injustice, the economy, history etc by listening to the people affected. It’s great!
Reveal consistently explains important histories and currents events with marvelous storytelling. Understanding how real people live under different burdens that I didn’t know existed gives me a wider perspective and really adds volumes to my life. Thank you for pulling back the curtain how people live!
Reveal is the best investigative journalism out there!! This is what journalism should strive to be! It is thought provoking, insightful and does the work required to provide proper context and intelligent well researched and investigated viewpoints!!! Asking the hard questions, holding those in positions of power responsible and demanding answers!
There is new information on PAS out of University California. Also, reunification is widely accepted as what’s best for kids. Dr. Phil is a big supported who has spoke with congress. Sure, abuse is different , but you should consider the most recent studies on pas that looks to the narcissist parent. Good, but not most recent information.
Can often be hard to listen to due to subject matter but I’ve learned so much and it’s a deep dive but still easy to understand. As to those reviews that claim the show is biased, they’re not really, they’re just covering the real life effect of policies from the Trump administration and corruption in our government, which is, yes, a lot of bad news - but covered incisively.