Reviews For The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon | WFMU

one of my all-time favorite radio talk shows... if you can call it that... the sympathetic voice, the variety of people, the existential questions... brilliant. also enjoy the handheld feel to the recordings... I have a feeling he actually cuts magnetic tape with a scissors...
I could listen to Clay Pigeon's voice all day! What I like best is the stories he writes and reads himself. They all seem to have an apocalyptic theme. The story titled Yankee Eagle Leader is my favorite. One called Bacteria was quite good, as was one about an abortion clinic bombing. I admire Clay's dedication to the OWS cause but I really want to hear more stories! Bring em back!
Clay is really boring and dull. If you want good radio podcasts listen to Radio Lab.
Every episode comes from a different place. Music and storytelling frequently interspersed with folks on the street interviews. This show ranges from funny to frightening to absurd yet it is always presented with compassion and insight.
I can not tell you how great this show is, you must listen and find out for yourself. I'm always surprised by were this show goes and that's what makes it so exiting.
clay pidgeon's genuine conversations with people on the street are touching and insightful. his stories and characters are thoroughly entertaining. this is an excellent show!
Much like rummaging around in a thrift store and finding something amazing, The Dusty Show is a weird, wild, wonderful auditory hallucination. Charmingly imperfect, this meandering hour-long experience is certainly intellectually refreshing when compared with the overwhelming deluge of hyper-produced mediocrity. Mr. Pigeon's compassion for his interviewees is astounding and genuine. You never get the feeling that he's working from an agenda, even when the person being interviewed spouts off from a highly "incorrect" position. The human condition is revealed sans judgment, once again a major point of departure from what the combative pundits and scripted conversations that flow from the larger media stream. Highly recommended not only for the content but the humor and grace contained in the kinetic non-linear format.
A touching humanity comes through in this thoroughly interesting and entertaining podcast. The show always makes me think about things and people in a more compassionate way. The music on the show is always a treat and you may be surprised about how you feel about songs you may have all but forgotten about!
Clay Pigeon is brilliant and should be listened to at all times. Desperately hoping his show returns to WFMU.
While Clay is gone (hopefully to return sometime in the future), listen to these collages of sound, music, and insights, and await his return.
I wish the entire catalog was on itunes.