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My daily commute must listened station! Love it!
I have told everyone I know about this show. It keeps my reading list current, and gives me insights into the books that I wouldn't have without listening to the podcast. Plus, almost every book I've read from the list of episodes has been wonderful!! Thank you.
Love the podcast but the Suggs episode was just so excellent - great stuff!!
Very neat indeed
Excellent Podcast. Wish there were more.
I love The Penguin Podcast. It takes book reading to the next level. I like hearing what the writing process is like from the author's mouth. There are also tidbits of info you won't find in the books. The books and authors are really varied which is nice, because it means I get to hear things I ordinarily wouldn't. It's actually turned me onto a few good books, like The Memory Keeper's Daughter. And best of all, it's intelligently done. Bravo.
Penguin Books has done a very nice job on their podcast, which features readings and author interviews from the publishing company's authors. They consistently put out a wide variety of subjects, ranging from crime novels to cooking and children's books to "acclaimed novels." While a podcast about books has the potential to be extremely droll, this is not this case here. At the end and beginning of most shows, a "Penguin remix" is featured; these are upbeat dance remixes of book recordings, and are often quite funny. With this and its sharp, tight format, the Penguin Podcast should remain entertaining and listenable for a long time.