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My love for God grows more and more every time I listen to the teachings of Chuck Swindoll. Thank you for your anointed ministry.
I’ve listened to Chuck Swindoll off and on for the last 30 years. I’m 54 now. He hasn’t wavered in his commitment to studying and presenting the truth of God’s holy word in a challenging, yet encouraging, way. In recent months, I’ve been listening almost daily and God has blessed me with His direction through the podcast. I enthusiastically endorse this ministry.
a seasoned Pastor who teaches and follows Biblical principals on his daily messages. I enjoy Chuck’s sense of humor
No excuses - this app makes it so convenient and easy to fulfill the obligation and appreciate the privilege to learn and search the scriptures to find insights, comfort and peace that ONLY His Word can provide. Great app for comparing the scriptures in NIV, NASV, King James and many others
In Jesus name, amen 🙏
I have listened to insight for living for more than 20 years. I’ve introduced this ministry to my children and my daughter listens very often Pastor Chuck has been one of my favorite teachings by far
This man and his man of God and his ministry have lead me through the early years of raising a family. I used to listen on local radio for years and then the radio channel stopped playing ministry broadcasts and switched to Christian music only. So for a few years I haven’t been able to listen because I haven’t been all that tech savvy or had the right phone lol. I’m finally back to listening in a whole new way and I’m thrilled to catch up on so many sermons I’ve missed out on. I enjoy your gentle spirit Pastor, and of course you always make me smile with your whit ;) I’m grateful to the Lord for sustaining you and fur your obedience to be used by God all these years do that we could be blessed. Thank you for guiding and teaching us through the Bible. May God keep you healthy and strong to continue to teach his word!
I feel so fortunate to have come across insight for living. Chuck has made the Bible come alive for me and inspired me for continued study. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone regardless if they are new to the Christian Faith or very knowledgeable. Thanks Chuck and insight for living!


So down to earth personality... luv him!
This Godly man has a talent for explaining the scriptures in a way I can understand and apply to my life. He is humble and kind, with a wonderful sense of humor! Not legalistic in the least!
Chuck Swindoll has great stories and his insightful wisdom from God that is life chabging. LISTEN! Thank you for all you do Pastor Swindoll.
Only a slight exaggeration. I can’t suggest this podcast to friends without teaching them about the skip button
THIS MAN is a seasoned vet. Admittedly imperfect yet humble and kind. If you crave real, rubber meets the road advice without religious fluff, this is your man.
Pastor Swindoll’s daily teachings bring to life the Holy Scriptures. Every day is a new adventure through the Bible.
I wouldn’t miss one. I’m so thankful that I can listen to every episode. I listened for years on the radio and had no way of catching up if I wasn’t home. What a blessing!
I first started listening to Pastor Swindoll when I was living at home and my mom would tune in on the radio. Swindoll has a rare gift of making Biblical truth practical and understandable. Now I'm thankful these resources are available via podcast. These messages are a goldmine!
Dr. Swindoll is a gifted teacher from God to the world. Your teachings have been very insightful - no punt intended. Thank you so much for all that you do! I'm so glad that I can access your teachings everywhere and even on the road.
I absolutely love Pastor Swindoll. I was very happy to see he has a podcast. Great teachings!
I am 14yrs old and I'm love to listen to chuck. he brings something to the table that not all preachers have. Even just his voice is captivating. I am so thankful for Chuck to preach in a way I can understand and not get bored.
I have been listening to Chuck for many years and he is always on point. What a blessing to have him on my phone through these podcasts!
Chuck is so gifted! He does and excellent job in explaining scriptures.
It's June 17, hasn't been an update since June 11.
If you like life you'll benefit from Chuck's messages
Thank you Chuck!
You will grow such much by listening to Chuck Swindoll deliver Gods message. He is a blessing and has changed my walk with the Lord over many years. I LOVE the podcast and listen every day faithfully. I have one question? How do I just get the podcast without the message mate? Thank you for blessing the world with Gods love and his message. Blessings to you and your ministry.
Has Insight for Living stopped podcasts? Nothing since 2/22.
I am a fairly new listener to Chuck Swindoll and there are few people who can relay a message from God the way Chuck does. I absolutely love his sermons! When I am having a hard time, his messages truly uplift a tired and hurting soul.
Please change the titles! I can't read what the title of the podcast is because it looks like "10/19/12: Uzziah The Lea..." for more than a few episodes. Insight For Living Canada has a clean title format. Apple includes a date just below the title so I do not see the reason for a date within the title itself. GREAT MESSAGES THOUGH :)
Local radio station axed airing this great preacher, so podcasts is the way only way to get his wonderful in depth teachings whilst on the move. Fabulous.
Chuck is the real deal; great messages from a solid dude who walks what he preaches. He teaches the bible, rather than watering down a message and sprinkling in bible verses to try and back whatever he's saying. This isn't "Church Ultra-Light." No baby formula, all meat and Potatoes!
I love this podcast! I have read several of Chuck's books and they are all thought-provoking. So when I found this podcast I couldn't have been more ecstatic! His insight is truly anointed! I am SO glad he is doing podcasts. He truly has a heart for God and wants others to have that heart too.
Pastor Chuck S is a "preacher" in the Greek sense- he truly "heralds" the news found in scripture. More "preacher-boys" should follow his example of exegetical preaching. So thankful for this ministry!
So thankful Chuck Swindol has used his spiritual gift to teach, exhort & encourage me for 30 years.
ROCK On Chuck!
I grow stronger in my faith each day as I listen to the word of God thru Dr Swindoll. I have listened to him over twenty years.
Wonderful!!!! A true blessing!!!
It's a blessing to hear.
I thank the Lord he chose to work through Swindoll,he's why I'm saved. Thank you Mr. Swindoll
Chuck I an inspiration to me when I am down & I listen to his message is like God just lifted me up & told me I a with u.!..!!!!..!! Thank you Chuck with plenty of luv,,!!!!!
Cannot live without truth spoken through C. Swindoll
Blessed are the hearts of those who hear it.
teaching the truth of the Gospel-not watered down-and he's funny too)
I thank God every day for sending such great man like chuck to preach the of God with all authority.
I thank God for this teaching. It has become such a help to me in my life and is giving me new insight on how God wants me to rely on Him and His timing. Keep His word in my heart, my hands raised toward Him, always be prayerful, to love those that wish to hurt me.


By Thsjrnr
Best podcast on the web
Dr. Swindoll communicates Biblically sound truth in a relatable manner. Christ shines through these messages. I highly recommend hearing what God has to say through this speaker.


By PVavra
Appreciate the in-depth scholarship and life changing exposition of God's Word. It is strikingly meaningful and cuts to the core of spiritual concerns we all face on a daily basis.
Every teaching comes straight from the heart of God filled with so much love. Thank u Dr Swindoll for being so transparent and real u share the word in a way that is so captivating u encourage me each and every time. May God continue to bless u and IFL...