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After years of listening, I can honestly say Punky! Radio is the most entertaining music show I follow (in fact, I think it was my first). The music is fantastic, Paul's comedy anecdotes have me rolling each and every episode, Tony's beds are totally unbeatable, and he’s ace at ISO codes. The tagline of "uniting fans and bands across the lands" is the truest of truths. Through this show, I've been exposed to some great bands I would likely never hear otherwise! Give it a listen and you walk away alwaysh looking, though, sometimes you end up with milkypants.
This show is dope 👍🏽🤘🏽
I love Punky Radio! Paul and Tony are a great pair. I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts but I listen to this one every week. Good job guys. Your friend, DJ Flash Gordon Quarterback New York Jets
Love this podcast! Love the music and always come away knowing more about punk, punk variants and punk history thanks to Paula and Tony!
After listening to, quite literally, hundreds of episodes, Punky! continues to deliver. Seeking out featured bands has expanded my world of listening and has opened doors I never knew existed!! The sky is the limit when creating youtube playlists! Thanks, jenglenglenjen ******6 stars


By PapaNC
Been listening to this for around fi- fi-fi-fi-fiv-fiv-five year. Wish I had been there from the beginning. I'm pretty sure they are the longest running independent music podcast in the known universe. Not for smacktards.
Brilliant podcast! I'm hooked and going to listen to every show, past and present. Sleep when your dead!
I've become a fan of so many new and established bands by listening to Punky! Radio. The show has been around for a long time, and has been surging through my headphones at work for years! Keep up the great fun!!!
The best nonpunkrockpsychobillymetalsense around. No way to go wrong with Pauly B and Tony Hearn. Thank you weekly, sirs.
Welcome to the Encyclopedia of PUNKY RADIO. An extensive assortment of authentic punk, garage, rockabilly, psychobilly, ska, comedic tunes ... and whatever else they feel like playing! Based in the UK you can also listen to bands from the US, Canada, Austrailia, Finland, Ecuador, PUERTO RICO & ALL OVER THIS CRAZY WORLD!!! Building a community of like minded rockers they accept a weekly poem, joke and of course the very original IZZATWAT (what is that all about you say?!? well sir, listen to the show & find out for yourself !!!!!) Enjoy!
I dig it! I'm 37 and live in Ohio where during the day I work in construction then come home and work in my organic garden..all the while listening to podcasts, yours most of all. I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work. Anyone who enjoys music should give a listen!
Eclectic authentic good punk. The DJs are real procreational
Discovered this a couple weeks ago and have already gone back and listened to several podcasts. Great music, good banter - make it your new podcast. Things I've learned from this podcast - Horses like punk rock. Beer tastes better after a beer. Quantum mechanics is for pussies. Punky! - Just listen!
Just stumbled upon this in February and downloaded as far back as i could go (march 2011 i think) Im now up to february 2012 and am probably going to go crazy once I catch up and have no more to listen to! -Damon from Minnesota
I downloaded Punky! as one should.....Selfishly! I want! I want! Good tunes! Then my lady and I where on a long trip and I put it on and low and behold she loved it too. Any ride that is at least 20 minutes long and Punky! is played. Thankfully I am late to finding Punky! so I have a bit of a back catalog to listen to. Be no later than this and listen!
An eclectic mix of soulful songs interjected with wistful poem readings and some delightful rustic humour. Messrs Hearn & Edwards do so entertain with their kittenblodd diary readings too, though one does wonder what "milky pants" and "a tuppy" are.
used to listen to this podcast weekly. fell behind a bit. I LOVE THESE GUYS. keep up the great music, comedy, etc..
Goopa! Goopa! The best podcast around, it's got everything: comedy, poetry, information and swearsperanto. But above all it has really great music. Hosted by two rock stars, Tony Hearn always does a good job on the beds (perhaps because he's got a tw*t) and Paul B. Edwards lives the true rock and roll lifestyle. At the very least try any one of the specials. They are all outstanding. One warning, it *is* explicit, user discretion is advised. Apoog, apoog.
An all out assualt on your ears that will leave you laughing so hard you cry! Don't be a smacktard subscribe today!!! right now !
It's nob gobbling good fun!
I think this is the best of it's kind. Two fools, punk music and occasional talk of used nickers. I like it! Keep uniting fans and bands across the lands! Hellrat
Always - ALWAYS - blame the brown spots on a nosebleed! Yet another fantastic show! 7 and a third stars!
Love the podcast. I really enjoyed the grapejuice records show. Punky contains just the right mixture of witty and witless banter combined with all out rawk!! to fuel my workout in the gym dan from phoenix
Two of the closest strangers I will ever know. Tony Hearn(ia) and Dave Stewart. Oh wait a minute- that's Paul B. Edwards. And that B is important, though I'm not sure even Tony knows what it stands for. One episode back in September of '09 transformed me into a Punky! junkie who needs their fix. It took me four months to listen to all the shows I had missed, but here I am finally caught up and very knowledgeable about the events of the last 2 years (I can't go back any further!?!?!). These dedicated poddycasters (as Paul tried to say) made even harder for me to get my school work done by making a show in between Christmas and New Year(s). No one does their job better than these Uniters of Fans and Bands across the Lands. Another 15 minute peppy show from back in the archives would be very much appreciated- Great job on the beds each week Tony, Kayla R.
Great podcast, great music and banter - full stop!!! Check it out.
These guys have one of the best independent music podcasts around! I've learned of so many great bands thanks to Paul and Tony. Theyre funny, likeable hosts and they always make me 'larf'. I cant express it any other way without using profanity and overtly sexual language. Great Job guys!
Here's a couple of tea bags you can listen to. they know there punk it nothing but good times. cheers mates.
Punky! is great way to find new punk, rockabilly and rock music. Along with the music, the commentary is phenomenal which all together makes this the best and only podcast that is worth listening to. I have been listening to them for the past year and I have never been disapointed. So don't be a smacktard and subscribe to these mofos. Apoog!
Punky! is easily the best podcast on Earth. Every show is quality, the music is wonderful, and Paulyb and Tony never fail to entertain. Subscribe now, and go back and listen to every single back episode! PunkyMania is runnin' wild!
This podcast is so f-ing craz that it remind me of have the great downtown hotdogs. yum. The mucix is great and the comedy that never get old. there nothing more to say beside Punky Rules!!!!!
Really! The happy sounds of poetry corner, or pauley & tony discussing important events and how to deal with them in "izzatwat" is the sort of thing young adults need in an otherwise corrupt world. They are true clamjousters who are alwaysh looking out for the rest of us.
Gooper!Gooper! These two smacktards make me laugh! downlaod the podcast right now or We'll have to mail something to Lord Reilloc with YOUR name and adress on it! so subscribe now or suffer a punky free world (kittenbloods)
punkys great punkys great punkys great!
This show is amazing! Two hilarious Brits talking about little-to-nothing and playing a handful of great songs each week. They also earn bonus points for their amazingly regular update schedule (they'll record shows in avance if they they'd be busy on release day). Plus, I love the way Tony says 'Punky! Radio' (it comes out as 'Poong-ky reddy-oh')
Punky's great
Great music, Great Hosts, Great humor. Also, the fact that I have now added "Pig's Toilet" to my vocabulary is a direct result of what this show has done to my mind. Always on target, this is an seriously entertaining show.
these guys are great & I love finding out about new bands.
I can't say enough about this podcast. Great commentary, and while the music is a bit hit or miss, it hits more often than not. The only thing that would make it better would be if it came out more often.
I listen while at work and I have to watch myself from openly laughing or dancing to the great music thats played. Love this podcast! Do yourself a favour and subscribe to it. You wont be sorry.
Just started listening to this podcast about a month ago, already can't wait for the next new episode to show up in my iTunes. Can't understand much of what they say, but I like it anyway and the music selections are top notch. A must listen to podcast.
This is the one and only podcasts that I listen each week. It's kind of like going to church, but with great punk influenced music, izatwat, the word of the week, and some great banter betweens the hosts Paul and Tony (both of whom are a couple of smacktards) Five stars all around for a podcast that gets more listeners then they did as a radio show! Cheers!
Good music and funny DJs. You like Punk download it now.
The music is awesome, unfortunately the hosts of the show talk way to much for my taste. So if you are looking for a couple english punkers with some humor, this is the show for you.
Goopa, goopa! Punky! is the greatest music/comedy podcast on ITunes. Do yourself a favour and subscribe today! Right now! No, don't wait! Right! This! Second! Every week you'll get a few great independant and raw punk tracks tied together with Pauly B and "Manly" Tony Hearn's brilliant banter. Subscribe, listen and recommend it to your friends!