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Never heard of these guys before discovering them on Apple podcasts and I’m very happy I found them! Great commentary and biting wit from both Brad and Britt. I never miss an episode and if you want to hear two guys crap on Trump for 5 hours a week, you can’t go wrong with Brad and Britt!
Smart, current and entertaining. Insightful, fresh, sober perspective from two seasoned talkers on today’s current events. Give them a listen, you will be glad you did.
My favorite podcast!
I started listening to Brad 30 years ago. Looked forward to Monday's back then. He and Britt were the best show on radio. Now they’re the best in podcast world. Thanks guys!
If the news is driving you bonkers, this is the podcast for you.
The "only" thing they had was "Little Rush" but noooo they stopped doing it...#FAIL...
No not the drink (B&B), but something far better. I used to manually record these guys (using Audacity) back in the WZTK days so I could listen to them when I had time - and even better, SKIP the commercials! Now with their podcast, all the extra work is done for me! Thank you Technology - or even thank you Adam Curry, the self-proclaimed "Podfather" of podcasting. Brad and Britt have always been a refreshing, entertaining breath of fresh air found in the middle of the hate-filled right-wing radio that has existed for the past 12 years. OMG - enough already! I used to listen to Rush years ago for the comedic value. Then I found "Lit'l Rush" (a reoccuring character on the Brad and Britt Show) which quadrupled the comedy value of listening to "Rush". I remember when Brad used to be a Libratarian, though these days Thrump has just made him an angry old man. The insights are refreshing - the best coming from Brad's wife. I can't wait to listen to their next podcast! And don't forget to use for all your purchases. (Britt, have you been getting the check from all my purchases??)
Great political and news discussion by two veteran radio pros.
Love these guys. Their chemistry is awesome. I've been listening since they were on 101.1 in Burlington NC and followed them through several stations and the podcast. I have moved to GA but still follow them for NC and National news.
Great show!!! Great Podcast!!! Been looking for U guys ever since "U left" WZTK
Left leaning political talk with some football at the end. I'm a conservative, but like getting both points of view, and these guys are funny liberals!
Found pod after listening to Katie Vick. Listen every day. An entertaining and informative podcast about day to day political happenings. Love Friday's with Satan!
Glad they found a new gig working for themselves. Been listening for a long time, back to the Greensboro days. Never miss an episode.
Then I wouldn't feel so nervous about the elections. Thanks for saying 90% of what I'm thinking. You 2 are helping me believe that the old NC is still out there some where. Thanks
If your looking for a show that is 2 parts comedy 1 part politics this is it. These guys have a great outlook on the stories of the day with their own lil comedic take on it all. Warning NSFW.
I never want to miss one.


By C2001h
Loved them since they were on local radio. Local stations regularly shoot themselves in the foot. These guys are funny, informed, and down to earth. Listener for over 8 years!
I used to listen to Brad and Britt on WBT AM 1110. So glad they are still broadcasting online.
Great show and podcast. I used to listen to Brad and Britt a few years ago when I lived in NC. I was shocked when I moved back and couldn't find them on the air. These guys are funny, insightful and really push the envelope now that they have their own podcast. Give them a try. I highly recommend them.
Seasoned radio guys bring the funny. 5 stars. Hail satan.


By Emanddd
Liberal radio at it's best. The reason they can't make it on radio is nobody wants to listen to crap. 15 minutes of little Rush? Would rather listen to kids scream.
Been listening to you guys for many years now. Was so happy you got back on in this format. Let’s you be more yourselves. I would have given it a 5 but, I’m just not that fond of Lil Rush…the talking and screaming make me grind my teeth. Love all the other skits, etc. Love your insights on the local, and state news…great banter back and forth—Keep up the good work!
Good to hear you guys again. I go back to the days of WZTK and listening to the show during my morning drive. Keep it going guys...
I've been listening to them for years and haven't grown tired of them yet. I LOVE Fridays with Satan. Hearing "Satan" completes my week.
For L'il Rush, tellin' it like it is to conversationalists all across the fruited plain. Could deal without those other two socialists, though.


"Materialism is the lowest hanging fruit of the devil." Get your news commentary from Brad and Britt!
I've listened to these guys for years. They're hilarious and very informative. The best talk show ever is now the best podcast ever. Ever!
Funny, entertaining and worth listening to! I especially enjoy Fridays with Satan- too funny!
Not sure what is so "centered" about this show- just sounds like another hate filled right wing show to me
Really enjoying the show!! Missed you guys!!
A few years ago, I got hooked on these guys on FM 101.1 while driving my son to school every morning. Then they were moved to afternoons on AM and then to Charlotte. It was not the same. I was glad to rediscover them via podcast. I loaded up a bunch of their shows for the trek to take my son to college. It felt like old times.
I'm a subscriber and huge fan. I love the new content and You guys have never sounded better.
Always funny and a good break in the day provided by Brad and Britt.
Y'all have a great show! I was sad to see you leave the Charlotte radio market against your will. But I am so very glad that I found you again! I miss you on my radio, but I love you on my iPod!
I listen to Brad and Britt everyday at work. I cannot get enough of their wit. The only reason I ever listened to WBT was to hear these guys. WBT always gave them the short end of the stick. They moved their times around. They interrupted their show with UNC crap. They never gave them a chance. I'm so happy I can listen to them now without the constant interruptions of radio. Great show!
Used to listen to these guys every day on 101 WZTK and now I'm glad I can download them and listen at work every day.
Listen every day. Informative and makes me laugh.
I believe this may be the best podcast ever in the history of podcasting. It truly makes my male parts inflamed with knowledge.
I really like the new format. No commercials. You get an hour of great content and no “dolts” (as Brad would say) calling in asking for that hack Doc Washburn (he’s gone to get more foil to wrap around his head).


By gjsx51
I listened to the WZTK broadcast for years, before format change killed the fun. Now, its game on again, and NO FREAKIN" COMMERCIALS! Yes!
Entertainment at it's best. Little Rush for Governor - He's better than what we have now.
You can download and listen in your car on your afternoon drive. Much better than the on-air offerings at that time of day.
A liberal oasis in a sea of conservative fundamentalism.
Brad and Britt on Itunes is better alternative than the [email protected]#$hole that is talk radio or commercial radio. Sunscribe to this show and listen to podcast gold.
Glad these guys are back!!! Must listen, especially if you live in the Carolinas!!!! Keep informed of local and national news, and have fun listening. These guys rise above the noise of the ridiculous ultra right radio. Thank you Realm for taking these guys on!!