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Audio quality has gone really downhill recently :( idk if it was w the recent audio/video change-up? I know yall be in transition. I did really like the old music intro/outro, just letting you know. Cheers! Logan


I talk to people with different viewpoints everyday, but I stopped listening because Carin Mrotz is so extreme in her leftist worldview that it doesn’t appear that she can understand a more conservative opinion without attributing the worst possible motives to people she doesn’t agree with. I’m sure she’s fine in real life (why else would the other hosts call her a friend) but her personality on the podcast is extreme. She very much gives off a “I’m better than you, I think this way, so if you don’t also think this way, you’re a bad person” Kind of vibe on the show. I wish the conservatives on the show would push back a bit harder.
Love you guys! Listen every week. Just wanted to correct one little thing from 260, MFIP is not food stamps. It’s cash assistance to single families w children under 5! Food stamps is an additional and stand alone program. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date and bringing up important issues! Would love to hear about minimum wage more!
Wrong about everything brings a good balance between political sides. The guests can be quirky and fun and the hosts have great rapport. Highly recommend
Great how you guys can talk to each other; tell one another how it is and how you see it; then laugh about it. Thanks!
This podcast is what politics should be. Disagreements but respectful (mostly) listening. But it’s also very, very funny with a lot of good natured ribbing. Also, the non-political bantering of the hosts is my favorite part. Or at least tied with the usually hysterical spanks and thanks. If you live in MN, definitely subscribe!
Used to be a must listen to show, but over the last few months has forgotten how to be funny.
I guested on this podcast, and now it's the literal best podcast you will ever listen to. CAN GUARANTEE! #Spinoff #Episode #BabysFirstSpankAndThank #SubbingForCarin #MillennialGuest #AllNewAvengers #TheReplacements
As a listener to most of the 200 podcasts I recommend this glance into the inside world of Minnesota politics with all its partisan conflicts and pie. Wrong About Everything is right for just about everyone who cares about Minnesota!
always fun, some great insights, and nice to hear more "inside baseball" on MN politics.
Trying to like this show that I heard about from one of my other podcasts. So far I'm annoyed by the 5-10 minutes of random yammering at the beginning of the show and the unfocused chatting about the topics.


What a lost opportunity: I heard this show plugged on The Moth Podcast, so I subscribed. The concept is Great: two left leaning and two right leaning hosts in a civil discussion about their points of view. What I heard: Four Middle schoolers shouting over each other, and hurling curses when they don't get heard. I have unsubscribed, as I would guess many of the new "The Moth" listeners have. you "coulda been an contender!" Thanks
This is the first episode I’ve listened, I like the concept so far, I like the contributors but the argument/fight that broke out early in this episode was well beyond what should of been edited out. Feelings were legitimately hurt, the one girl saying she wasn’t mad, was FUMING. While one of the other contributers pretty blantently taunted/ egged her on. My point is (I'm not one to usually complain about this) that their conflict was surprisingly unprofessional and unnecessary, I was also suprised that none of the other speakers de-escalated the situation. Rant over.... ALSO.. Just in case the defense/justification pops into someone's mind, that this was actually a debate from each side of the aisle, & therefore a productive & necessary process... It was not, it wasn't on topic, it was about personal feelings, & personal subjects between the two involved. The end. PS sorry bout typos, didn't edit.
Pretty much everything I look for in a local podcast- keep it coming guys!
I love this podcast. I listen every Friday and have been for around a year. I live in Atlanta, GA and I have never been to Minnesota and not really sure how I found this podcast but glad I gave it a chance. It’s one of my favorites that I look forward to every week!
One of the main issues with modern politics is how we often only speak to those with the same opinions, learning nothing and becoming more and more divided. This podcast is bucking the trend and it gives me a lot of food for thought and lessons on how to bridge the gap- and not waste my time on just shouting into the abyss. I also appreciate how the topics are very here and now, but still dive into detail/nuances. This is arguably the best podcast out there right now, certainly the best in politics.
I LOVE this show. It's what civil discourse looks like. Remember that? No? We'll listen to this show!! Not everyone agrees but no one is disagreeable. This show is heavy in both comedy and comity. Keep being my beacon of light.
The WAE gang is hilarious, thoughtful, and worth your listen. This show is my only link to insanity when it concerns US politics and these regional celebrities help me also feel more connected to MN.
Great to have both sides at the table for a change. It keeps me connected to Minnesota politics. Nicely done all.
This show should really be more famous.
A weekly "Must-Listen" for Minnesotans. And a weekly inspiration to spend time outside one's bubble, using humor and empathy and teasing and tolerance to make it work. Some political gossip, some news, and a lotta personalities. WAE helped me survive 2017.
So I finally recovered my #$% Apple ID password and got here. You guys are awesome, and I have listened to you every week for the last three years. (On Stitcher, actually, but you never ask for reviews on Stitcher. Sad!) IMHO, everyone in Minnesota who believes in bipartisan dialogue should do so, and everyone who wants to create or sustain an environment conducive to bipartisan dialogue in their state should do so. Also, would it kill you to get a Patreon?
And I’m not just saying that because I’m one of the co-hosts. It’s freaking fun and informative. And the Republicans on the show are Wrong About Everything.
Disagreements in politics are inevitable, but WAE sets a great example for how we should converse with those that we don’t agree with. This is the one podcast that I must listen to every single week and wish that they’d do extra episodes when the political news is extra bananas.
In our current political climate, we need a mix of humor and serious discussion to manage the chaos of each week. This podcast does both of the things exceedingly well and brings on people with divergent political views without inviting the total loons that receive far too much attention in the national media. Also, there is a nice dash of well curated music from MN (and sometimes beyond) to match the topics. ps. I swore I gave this a 5 stars after I immediately started listening but had not. You've earned all of them. Ghost of Steve Jobs, bump this to the top of the list of recommended podcasts!
Thank you so much for this podcast. It's an honest, funny, critical look at MN and national politics. The panel doesn't agree most of the time. I appreciate that they are trying to understand each other, not convince each other. Best accompanied by Tin Whiskers Beer. Be careful though, the funny moments can come at any time. You don't want Tin Whiskers to come out your nose.
I rarely review podcasts but I listen to this every week. An honest look at political issues. It’s well done and I respect the participants for their honest opinions. I wish there would be more political podcasts like this.
Great humor and perspective--well, Javier and Carin. 😊
Can't see how folks on the left and the right can discuss issues? Or even be friends? Listen to this funny, insightful, and intelligent podcast. Covers both US and Minnesota politics.
They all have strong opinions. But they recognize that those disagreements don't mean they can't be friends. This is the type of dialogue we need so we can all get out of our sphere of like minded people and learn something new.
I have a six mile commute from Fort Totten to my Church on Capitol Hill. I ride my bike through the grounds of the US Capitol and down East Capitol between the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress. I listen to Wrong about Everything and it gives me a great sense of calm that I am not the only one questioning what the hell is going on. I also will always love Minnesota and I get little of no news from my home and native State so it is wonderful to hear what is going on.....Oh and by the way MORE MIRACLE BOY and less creepy baby.
There are more than two political parties in Minnesota and throughout the US. This podcast is just local establishment democrats and republicans gossiping about their friends in the establishment. If that's what you wanted, great, but there's no valuable information in this podcast for voters in Minnesota.
Can people on opposites sides of the aisle have intelligent, thought-provoking and funny discourse? You bet they can. Two republicans, two democrats. These are well-connected folks in Minnesota politics. They can give you insight into a bill, a politician and also national politics. I listen to many podcasts- this is my favorite. They are a hopeful sign in a time when everyone is either yelling at each other, or too afraid to hear an opposing viewpoint.
The hosts are hilarious, very well-informed and genuinely interested in promoting civil discourse. We need more public discussions like these.
Great discussions about the issues of the day with a great cast that can agree to disagree on issues..except we can all agree we should have Sunday Sales in MN...
If you like to listen to informed, civil and humorous political debate about national and Minnesota politics this podcast is ok. If you like to listen to informed, civil and humorous political debate about national and Minnesota politics with great bumper music by Minnesota artists than this is the only podcast for you.
As a Minnesotan stuck in Delaware since 2015, Wrong About Everything is the highlight of my week! Which may not mean much, because, well... it's Delaware... But as a former DFL campaign and legislative staffer, now navigating the world of Wilmington/Philadelphia politics, every time I turn on WAE I'm reminded that there's a kinder, friendlier place to do politics. A place where GOTV doesn't mean giving homeless guys 20 bucks and a t-shirt to wave a sign at a polling place, and your party registration doesn't dictate whether or not your trash gets picked up on garbage day. But in all seriousness, I love the show, and believe in its mission to prove Republicans and Democrats can talk to each other and remain friends with some laughs along the way. And next time you feel like things couldn't be more dysfunctional in Minnesota politics, feel free to reach out to me and I'll be happy to share some crazy stories from the wonderful world of Mid Atlantic politics. You'll realize how good you all have it!
The world needs so much more of this- friendly dialogue between those who know how to disagree without being disagreeable. I look forward to the podcast every week to keep me in touch with the happenings back home in Minnesota, with some good perspective on national issues too.
I'm distinctly on one side of politics and yet this show has helped me better understand ways to connect with folks with whom I disagree on nearly everything. I'm also learned more about how politics works (and doesn't). Thanks, WAE.
The premise is enticing, but the execution is awkward because there is little debate and real exchange of ideas. RHINOs Amy Koch and Brian McDaniel spend most of every episode agreeing with the SEIU's Javier Morillo (the only panelist I actually find interesting even though he actually is wrong about everything). After a brief intro they turn the topic to Trump and why they all hate him. Even though Trump is a legitimate target for criticism and discussion, Hillary and her scandals are completely overlooked in favor of having on Walter Hudson and his one-man crusade to get Hillary elected at all costs by labeling anyone who supports Trump and Alt-Right member who wears a sheet to work every morning. After the gang talks for an hour about why they hate Trump, they have a Spank and Thank segment before ending the show with a Cher song. Overall, this largely happens without any new ground being covered, any real substantive debate, or anyone ever really disagreeing with anyone because they actually are all apparently on the same side.
Now it's just a liberal rag. Too many lobbyists who don't dare say anything controversial.
In addition to being hysterically funny, you prove that people who don't agree politically can (gasp) actually have a conversation (mostly civil and mostly without casual racism) about isssues locally and nationally that affect all of us. It's almost like the 4 of you are modelling what a healthy democracy *should* look like. I secretly wish I was cool enough (or important enough to be a guest) so I could say I had a Tin Whiskers with the gang from WAE and totally dork out. Thanks for doing what you do!
Great to still have opposing views get along and do so humorously. Keep at it.
Love listening every week. It's great that it's different viewpoints in the same room, making smart comments all around and sharing lots of laughs.
Love the show! It's a great reminder that we can be friendly with people even when we disagree with them.
I started listening with your first episode devoted to Jamar Clark and found your commentary so helpful in filtering through the other overwhelming rhetoric that blew up in a matter of days. I’ve been listening every since and especially enjoy the focus on local politics. Thanks!!
This podcast is a real hot dish. Its got the right blend of veggies (news), meat (politics), and cheese (humor). I say that not really knowing what a hot dish is since I've never been to the land o'lakes. I've been told its like a casserole or something. Cheesy, polite, and filled with goodness describe both the podcast and Minnesota if stereotypes mean anything these days. It feels like a good balance of liberal and conservative view that doesn't take itself too seriously. I swim in the Berkeley (California) fish bowl where we have a hard time taking our politics in a not too serious way, and when I say politics I mean unrepentent liberalism. Wrong About Everything is the cure.


By sbeckys
Love this podcast for so many reasons. Maybe the top reason is that it models being able to stay in conversation with people you don't agree with.