Reviews For The OpenWorld Podcast: Featuring Top World Adventurers, Digital Nomads, and Proven Lifestyle Designers

Danny host of The OpenWorld Podcast highlights all aspects of adventurers, nomads and lifestyle designers in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Danny Flood is inspirational with the lifestyle he's designed and how he's running his business. He speaks to a lot of wonderful guests with stories of their travels, lifestyle, and business. Definitely helped me think about the possibilities of traveling and working. Thank you, Danny!
Danny has the coolest stories, and some of the coolest guests. I love how they dive deep into this alternative lifestyle. Just hearing stories keeps me motivated. THANK YOU
Danny does a great job finding and interviewing excellent people. I learned a lot from hearing their stories. Virtually every episode leaves me feeling inspired to travel and get entrepreneurial.
I love everything about this podcast. The interviews are awesome and the tips Danny offers are very helpful. All around a great podcast. Looking forward to hearing more!
I love listening to this podcast and hearing the amazing stories about people who choose to live their lives on their own terms. This is definitely the podcast to listen to for inspiration, ideas, and entertainment :)
Danny is a guy that's walking the walk. The information he shares is top-notch. Additionally, the guests he has on the show all are experts in what they do. I'm subscribed and this show is now part of my podcast listening repertoire
Danny is awesome, has great guests on his podcasts, and has great tips to help people learn how to live the life that they want!
Great content, awesome interviews. Danny does a great job with this podcast.
Really awesome interviews and insightful stories.
Great show. As someone who’s just starting a major new direction in life with a podcast, I’m in. I find the episodes encouraging and informative, with lots of great advice….
Enjoyed the interview with Bruce on Self-Publishing! Looking forward to making my way through past episodes. Thank you for putting this Podcast together!! Subscribed!
This has been an absolute pleasure to listen to and some of the guests are quite good! The information really is amazing and I am a fan!! Subscribe!! Ladan from Travel Wisdom podcast
We all have issues that get in the way of travel and adventure. This podcast has inspired me to enjoy life a little more while I’m still young, and who doesn’t need that advice??
This show gives some great insight into what it's like to travel and base your life around doing it. It's not something that I've ever really considered doing, but it's awesome to hear how it has worked out for these guys. Very cool.
This podcast is a great listen for anybody interested in lifestyle design and creating your own path. The best thing about it is that it shows you what is possible. I’ve gotten a lot of ideas for options that I didn’t previously think about. If you’re interested in more independence in your life, you should absolutely check it out.
Danny your show is awesome. Inspiration to all digital nomads out there.
I met Danny in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2 years ago, and recently crossed paths again in the same place. As a fellow digital nomad, I can really relate to the stories and experiences from his guests. Keep it up Danny!
Very informative and well put together.
Compelling information presented in an interesting format. Love it! Keep it coming.
The podcast was great. Both interviewer and interviewee are highly knowledgable and I look forward to putting some of the advice into practice! Great stuff and looking forward to future podcasts.
This show is chock full of incredible information on location independence. Each show has awesome tidbits of knowledge from the host as well as terrific insights from the various guests. The podcast has inspired me to take more risks! Great Job!
Exploring lives of travel is a topic close to the heart and I love that Danny’s up to the same, digging into the “how” others do this. Keep going!
I first listened to this podcast on an overnight train in Thailand and have to say that not only was I inspired towards greater Adventuring, but found then both intertwining and filled with fun stories and unconventional travel tips.


By Drivven
awesome podcasts, refreshing, some are worth a repeat listen! I am a new fan.