Deeper Waters with Nick Peters

Reviews For Deeper Waters with Nick Peters

I’m thrilled to have discovered Nick Peters and Deeper Waters! The guests and topics discussed are fascinating and educational to a Lay Christian whose thirst for understanding God in terms I can share with others is my passion. Thank you, Nick! God Bless
I've enjoyed listening to the insights of Nick Peters. I discovered this podcast when I met Nick and his wife recently and we were able to spend some time together. What I found was a thoughtful and insightful apologist who was also eager to keep learning. As an Orthodox Christian priest, and a former Protestant myself, I gain a good insight and perspective from listening. Hope you will too.
The wonderfully knowledgeable guests and truly deep discussions you find in this podcast are not the best part. Nick himself has a fascinatingly eclectic set of views on Christian philosophy and doctrine that only really shines through after listening to many many episodes. Give it a try. If you aren’t sure you like it, give it another. Before you know it, you will be swimming like a fish.
Thought provoking and eye-opening! A real treasure of information to have found. Thank you, Nick
Amazing content! If you like Let My People Think, Stand To Reason, Reasonable Faith, Unbelievable?, or similar apologetic-oriented podcasts, you'll listen once to Deeper Waters and subscribe. Just like I did.
Can’t mention how blessed I am for Nick!! So much material has helped me! The show is amazing! Keep up the great work!
One of my favorite shows! An honest look at the challenges christians face with top scholars to help us face difficulties we need to answer. This show has been a key resource in deepening my faith and resolving hard questions. From the bottom of my heart thank you Mr. Peters
This is a great show if you like content and idea driven material. If you like flashy FM radio dj "the morning zoo" style discussions this isn't for you. If you like a thoughtful and interesting host discussing relevant topics and ideas with fascinating guests then jump right in.
I love these podcasts. Not only are they a great source of apologetics knowledge and a joy to have on in the background any time of day (whether I'm doing homework, playing a video game, cleaning my dorm), but they're also done by a fellow Aspie who regularly has people on the Spectrum on the show. He has top-notch figures (and some of my personal favorites) on like Hugh Ross, Gary Habermas, and Greg Koukl. Not only do I learn the scholarship but I also learn practical advice for how to interact with the world around me and live in a Christlike way. God bless you Nick Peters, and keep on podcasting! :D
It took me a while to give these programs a fair audition as they all tend to be about two hours long. But there is quality from one end to the other so I found I can listen for as long or as short as I like and then pick up again later with no problem. Nick get's good people to interview and he asks good questions, both for insight and for moving things along. It also has a very comfortable, informal atmosphere, which is refreshing in our time of so much contention. I highly recommend giving it a listen.
Nick is a very knowledgeable defender of the Christian Faith. He often interviews leading apologists who are world renown. Highly recommend checking out Deeper Waters.
Really enjoy this podcast especially when he is brining on the leading thinkers in the field.
I really like this podcast. The interviews are unique and often dig deep into the questions I have in mind while listening. Keep up the good work!
Truly enjoy hearing Nick speak on multiple genres! Very knowledgable and I look forward to future topics.
Nick, thank you so much for wonderful work you are doing with your podcast and ministry! Your podcasts tackle questions we all have and helps us prepare to face the world confidently with a biblical answer to questions we may encounter. You are a blessing!
I recently started listening to Deeper Waters Podcast and I have to say it is excellent! As the title of my review gives away, Nick Peters hosts an all-star cast of top=shelf apologists, as well as all-star topics and content! Do yourself a favor and click on the Subscribe button!
I stumbled across the Deeper Waters podcast a few years back (when it was on Grok Radio), and have been hooked ever since. Nick brings in the best guests, covering every possible range of topics, and is quite skilled at conducting a very involved and in-depth interview. I highly recommend this podcast!
Nick Peters discusses a wide range of topics. Not only does he interview top notch scholars, but his episodes are two 2+ long, providing ample time to dive into the minutiae of each guest's views. I always find his show both entertaining and very informative. I highly recommend it!
Nick Peters is a great upcoming apologist whose put together one of the best podcasts of its kind. I have been listening to the show for several months and it is full of so many great interviews with some of the finest apologists. Mr. Peters shows great knowledge of the subjects under discussion and asks informed questions that make for satisfying interviews. The interview with Dan Wallace was very good, and I also enjoyed listening to all the podcasts with Mike Licona, Craig Evans, and Craig Blomberg.
I recently came across Nick Peters Podcas,t Deeper Waters. If you havent had the pleasure of this ministry, I want to highly recommend that you take atvantage of this find! This is a Podcast that has the very best in Christian Apologetics and the leading authorities in the field today. Nick covers a wide range of topics including very important topics that don't get enough attention in the church today, such as "How to make your church autism friendy" "Aspergers and apologetics" Nick is uniquely qualified to speak on both apologetics and disabilities. Also the call in part of the program is also a rare opportunity to speak with and ask questions to some of the very brightest minds in these fields today, don't miss out! Thank you Nick!
I have been listening to Deeper Waters for some time now and have always been impressed by the caliber of guests that Nick has had on his show. Some of the best scholars (such as Daniel Wallace) have been guests on this show. Nick covers a huge range of topics and his ability to ask some challenging questions is always appreciated. I have always enjoyed the longer format where a single topic can be treated in more detail than often can be done in shorter shows. A great podcast to listen to and share with others.
Nick Peters has good content on his show. His show has a great range of topics for everyone in the apologetics ministry.
I just listened to the interview with Dr. Daniel Wallace and I found it very informative. I would recommend this show and this format to anyone who has an interest in Christian apologetics. Excellent. Keep up the good work. I will listen to others.
Highly recommend this thought provoking podcast, along with the blog articles and publications by Nick Peters. He is one of the many sincerely dedicated, and down to earth, apologists I've grown to appreciate personally.
Nick Peters interviews the most interesting and thought provoking writers and speakers from the world of apologetics. Although discussions on theology can be terribly erudite, Nick asks the questions a layperson needs answers for, so the discussions are easy to follow by those of us lacking credentials. He is great about asking a question and allowing his guest to answer it! Occasional problems with production do not deter from what is usually a very educational experience.
Nick Peters dedicates two hours to an author and his book or books, with only limited interruptions. It's a great showcase for authors. Unlike radio interviews which, by comparison, are short, frequently interrupted, and often constrained by distracted questioners, Nick has a well-planned interview which draws the best thinking from an author. He gives them plenty of time to express their thoughts, not cutting them off mid-thought to change the subject. And just peruse the A-list of authors he has secured. This is a fantastic way for listeners to have access to top-drawer evangelical scholarship.