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You guys do a pretty good job of analyzing the show. But the one thing besides bad audio that can ruin a podcast is the giggling. Please please stop the giggling. That is the worst ! I will come back in a couple of weeks to see if things have changed . Otherwise keep on trucking!
The Strain is a wickedly different take on the vampire mythos and I enjoy the way the hosts approach their discussion. It is clear they enjoy the show and keep a great sense of humor about the series.
luv ur podcatst! the show is light hearted entertainment; except the gross out scenes with coco chanel and palmer; the writers are not adept enough to make it more than what you see, ie I don't think she is a plant or anything; Was crackingp up at the Nora Croft comment; LOL ! Thx for the laughs!!
I agree the guy laughs way to much and seems to omit parts of the show to make his points seem more valid. Overall, I really enjoy the television series and this podcast normally has pretty good reasoning when dissecting a scene or plot detail, but sometimes totally misses the point of the scene and complains about what happened or didn’t happen when it seems like they just missed the entire point of a particular scene.
The show is in decline and posses tons of unfortunate ridiculousness. However, the male reviewer is everything I dislike in a critic: snarky and infinitely negative while laughing through everything he says. This gives him the appearance of either being uncomfortable or above reviewing this show. Why review something on an on-going basis that you've so much disdain for?
Some good insights and Blaire has a pleasant voice and straightforward delivery. Kyle is too shrill, too giggly, and too repetitive. I doubt I will be able to continue listening if he doesn't get some control of these mannerisms..
This podcast provides a very informative and critical review of each episode, with one host having read the books and the other having not. Both types of fans are well represented, those who know the story from the book and those who are coming in with no foreknowledge. The podcast can get somewhat critical at times, but the criticism is well taken, so this does not become a "Hate-Watch" podcast. The podcast was overly critical in the beginning, but as the show improved, their criticism lessened. The hosts have high hopes for the series despite their criticism but will not overlook obvious flaws and problems just to lavish praise on the show. This is a very honest look at The Strain.
Overall, Kyle and Blaire do a good job of covering the show even if Kyle does get hung up on some of the minor details of the show. Blaire is a good contrast to Kyle plentiful doomsaying.


Good recaps and discussion. Different perspectives from each host which is nice. Would be better if they giggled less throughout- otherwise pretty solid.
I like this podcast. The guy giggles too much and can be annoying. But he has a lot of insightful comments. The girl has read the source material, so I pay close attention to her explanations.


By jbro399
I love the contrast between kyle and and blaire . I agree with Kyle on the things that drives him crazy with the show but like Blaire I have read the books so I'm excited to get to where I know the story is going. Love you guys cant wait for the next podcast.........will you be taking listeners feedback?