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I loved the format of you three just riffing in response to the questions posed! I rarely listen to podcasts currently, but yours is the exception to that rule! Keep up the great work!
I've heard Aaron talk about many things but interviewing seems to suit you!! Definitely will keep listening and recommend.
Wanna new podcast to listen to? Hard to pick just the right one? Try this one! It's amazing and has quickly become one of my favorites! Check it out!
Loving how this podcast has a little bit of everything! Family life, Hashtag props, and sports too! Great work, looking forward to more! 😃
And fellow podcaster! Love what you're doing with the podcast including so many aspects of things you enjoy! You're comments about having a great podcasting voice are so right on man, you're never boring, always engaging! Thanks also for supporting your Hashtag community! Great podcast!
For the love of God, let's get some reviews. If you hate the show, let's hear it....but still rate 5 stars