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In all fairness I only listened to one episode and had a difficult time making it all the way through. The man in this episode dominating the conversation, cut off the women when they were speaking and you could tell he was chomping at the bit to talk when they were speaking. If you analyzed his talking time (almost always about him) vs theirs... a little bit of self awareness. He’s probably a good person and willing to do the work to be better but sir, please do the work.
Thank you for the courage to bring this topic to your show. I especially appreciate your willingness to be uncomfortable and speak truth about something that deeply affects people of color. I think your suggestion to bring Robin D’Angelo to your show would help deepen the impact. Chris, I rarely hear from White men on this topic, so your contributions will help me to better understand and navigate conversations I have with White men in the future. Because you have the heart to improve, I have some feedback for you that I hope you will receive in the spirit that it is given. I will email you personally. Thanks to all of you! Listening to you was eye-opening!
Great books, interesting discussion. Highly recommend!
I love the books they choose for this podcast. It has led me to several great novels and non-fiction studies. And I appreciate the well-informed, thoughtful, articulate tone of the discussion. But OTOH, several of the regulars are just too long-winded and bossy and interruptive - I often feel like I'm listening to 2 students being lectured by a professor, or 2 young scholars waiting patiently while the senior person on a academic panel talks on and on. I think the speakers need more self-awareness and restraint (don't interrupt each other! stop your comment before it becomes a monologue!) and the editor could be more interventionist.
This is a great podcast—I listen to almost every episode. The variety of selections—topical variety, variety of forms (novels, essays, research, poetry) & variety of guests allows the podcast to avoid any mundane repetition. I love Lisa Schweitzer, my favorite recurring guest. She has an amazing appreciation and understanding of the very different forms of books (whereas some of the other guests, as more academically-inclined, sometimes seem distracted by it). I also live Raphael, the host. He has that critical outlook that every good moderator possesses—skepticism. I look forward to the podcast each month.
Smart people talking about interesting, relevant topics. Book selections are great! Would highly recommend to students and professors of policy, planning, administration, etc. or just anyone interested in political/social issues.


Fascinating podcast.
I always learn something from each podcast. Each session is a thoughtful discussion on important issues impacting our cities. I highly recommend this podcast to those who have interests in urban planning, governance, real estate, and good books to read.
I listen to a ton of book related podcasts - I've been reading along each month (well, most months) and I really enjoy listening to the thoughtful conversation.