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I love this podcast! I've been a listener for over a year or so and it's one of my favorites. Patrick is the most likeable of hosts and one of the best interviewers out there. He gets some great and interesting guests and lets them speak freely while asking some fantastic questions. I love the intro music and mood setter - perfect! This podcast puts me in the best mood as it feels like you are just hanging out, listening to a great friend! It's also nice to "know" someone who is as Halloween obsessed as I am!
I have been listening to podcasts for about 16 yrs. I have BBC comedies to Science and eveything in between saved. Patricks Big Seance is at the top of my listening list. I started listening in NOv 2018 and am just about through the entire catalog of episodes. He's done a wonderful job with production quailty and flow of the show. That makes listening to his thoughtful conversation with his guests and interesting topics that much more enjoyable to listen to.. Patrick shares his authentic self with his audience and guests that make you feel you could be sitting in a group chatting inquisitively. :) I really enjoy listening. So give it a try! Tap any title that rings your bell and get started!!!


Trump derangement syndrome at is worst. You just lost a listener
I just happened to come across this Podcast a couple weeks ago. How have I existed without him? Since my vision is so limited, I have to rely on listening for entertainment. Oh boy is Patrick entertaining! He is hilarious! I am listening to his archived shows 24/7! Planning on going to Kansas City ParaCon this year where he will be a vendor. I hope I get to meet him and tell him in person how special he is. Rock on Patrick!!!
I am pretty new to the podcast world, but have immensely enjoyed listening to Patrick and the Big Seance podcast. I love all things spooky and this podcast is so interesting. The guests are top-notch! I love that Patrick includes all the links, so helpful when driving and knowing I can go back to it. Thanks for the entertainment!
Patrick is a loving caring beautiful person. He offers so much more than supernatural topics. He has introduced me to people I would have never found. People that have made an actual impact on my life. His voice & music is perfect for me to listen to while working. I am such a full speed ahead person & while listening to Patrick it calms me & I get everything done in the same amount of time without that urgent feeling! And Oh that LAUGH... it makes me laugh every time. Keep up your heartfelt podcast & you have a fan for life ❤️
Love Patrick’s style and broad range of topics. As a fellow “paranerd,”. I’ve learned a great deal about many topics, connected to experts of many fields and gain validation regarding my own beliefs and practices. Patrick creates a fun and interesting atmosphere. It’s easy to believe you’re sitting at the parlor table sipping tea right along with the guest.
Found this podcast yesterday and I just love it! So many great guests & spooky stories! Also very informative! Great podcast! Highly recommend if your into the woo woo stuff!
Patrick’s show, is without a doubt, one of the most well done, interesting, and passionate paranormal shows I listen to. I’ve said this over and over again, because it’s the truth. What I love most about his show, is that his episodes are memorable. And they are memorable, because his content is presented mindfully, and with enthusiasm. If you are a genuine paranerd, this show will not disappoint. Cheers, Patrick!
This being a recent find I’ve only listened to a handful of episodes. However I give this a five star rating and subscribed so I don’t miss an episode. Great content and certainly worth a listen.
Great podcast. Great Host.
Love this show! Great guests and topics. Gets to the point without the silly banter other shows have become. Keep up the good work.
I listen to a number of podcasts about the paranormal, and while they all have some good qualities to recommend them, I just like The Big Seance the best and here’s why: Some of the other podcasts are from basically a huge production effort-it’s all business. While their topics and guests are interesting, they just don’t have the personal appeal that Patrick does. He clearly loves what he’s doing and he connects on such a personal level with his guests as if they were all his closest friends. I really enjoy the out takes at the end. I hope to meet you, Patrick, one of these times I’m in St. Louis. Keep up the great work!
I listen to podcasts during my long commute and this is one of my favorites, I have been a Paranerd for as long as I can remember. Patrick's shows and interviews are entertaining and informative.
I was first introduced to Patrick's podcast when he had Jim Harold on as a guest. I'm so glad I found his podcast. His interview style feels like you're invited to coffee with friends. Always a delight!
I’m always thrilled when a new episode of Big Seance is available! Patrick is so enjoyable to listen to and always has amazing topics! I’ve recommended it to my fellow paranerd friends! Keep up the good work, you rock! Jennifer Tennessee
Truly an amazing experience in every episode!!! Patrick Keller makes you feel like your in the parlor with every interview. He covers a wide and ever expanding range of topics with fantastic guests that never cease to teach, inspire, and entertain. I whole heartedly recommend this podcast to people of all ages and from all backgrounds. Patrick has created a beautiful community and I am proud to be a part of the growing "Paranerd" family! Congrats on all your success Patrick and thanks for all that you do! Paranerd John P.
I enjoy listening to this podcast especially now that fall is coming.
When I'm ready to clean house, walk my dog, or embark on whatever task will allow me the time to listen to a podcast, the very first thing I do is read the podcast description. (I am a discriminating and picky listener who doesn't want to waste my time on something or someone that does not interest me.) This is one thing Patrick Keller does very well vs. many other podcasters out there regarding the podcast summary: his descriptive entry about who he's interviewing, their background/biography, and the topic of the interview is is very helpful in making a quick, educated decision regarding whether you want to press that "play" button. Patrick researches his guests well and selects a variety of interesting people covering many topics. He watches, listens and reads up on their previous work and knows something about their background. He asks thoughtful questions and actively listens to what they're saying during that interview. Many times I have listened to podcasters ask their guest something that the individual had JUST talked about a few minutes before, indicating they were not paying attention during their session. That's disrespectful to their guest and embarrassing to the podcaster. He also doesn't interrupt his interviewee during the podcast and is always appropriately grateful for that person's time and effort. Other items I appreciate are: the short intro into each podcast, no "paranormal news and happenings" segment or musical interlude before I finally get to listen to the speaker, and the bonus part--no commercial breaks! I'm not sure how Patrick can do that--not mention his sponsors, but I appreciate not having to fast forward during sales pitches. Well done Mr. Keller...well done. Keep up the great work!


Patrick Keller's interview style is both informative and personable. When I listen to his podcasts it's like having lunch with good friends. He asks the questions I can't wait to hear the answers to. Great Podcast Patrick!!
Hi! Showing love for Patrick and the show. I have really been enjoying it. I appreciate you and all of your awesome guests. You rock! Much love, Kristina
I found this podcast recently and it quickly became one of my favorites. The host Patrick brings on amazing guests to be interviewed (and doesn't interrupt them like other podcast hosts - which is really nice). Great, great content.
This is a really great podcast. It's very well done.
Love the show. Great production quality and sound on top of great content. Keep it up!
This show is fantastic.
Patrick does a great job of culturing an atmosphere of round table conversations about the paranormal with big and small names in the field. If you ever wondered if a Ouija board would burn your house down or if the mystery of Flight 19 wasn't so cut and dry, this is the place to be.
Mr. Keller does an amazing job of hosting a variety of guests and subject matters. Truly, I learn something every time I listen to the podcast! His interview questions are thought provoking and ones I would ask myself if I had the chance to be in a room with his guests! I appreciate the variety of subject matters. Each one is interesting to me and helps me to learn more about the world of the paranormal! I have told several friends about this great podcast and will continue to spread the word!
Top notch podcast! A wonderful host and great stories! Thanks so much for working so hard on this podcast!
Great show! No complaints!
I've been binge listening to this most awesome podcast. It is above most other paranormal podcast. It's very up beat and least frou-frou of many podcast I've listen to. Subject matter is within the spiritual and it doesn't dwell in the darker aspects of the paranormal. Patrick Keller is very articulate and up beat conversationalist. His guest are as upbeat and articualte has he is. I hope him and his paranormal podcast, The Big Seance Podcast the best and keep up the good work!
Thank you Patrick for bring such a fun spin on everything paranormal. Your personal and amazing technical style are so warm and welcoming for everybody of all ages and experience. I love your approach to your interviews and the fun and laughter you bring out in people! I highly recommend this podcast to all who are even remotely interested in all things paranormal! Come join our "Paranerd" community!
Was looking for a new fix, since Darkness Radio was cancelled(but beyond the darkness is wonderful by the way) & found this! I just started but I'm binge listening & absolutely love it so far!


By Binkjo
I love this podcast so much and I especially love Patrick, the host. I have been afraid my whole life of ouija anything and I feel like this podcast has really opened my eyes to the beauty behind it. Along with all of the other things discussed. Thank you Patrick for putting the beauty and awesome in being a "paranerd". It's awesome to feel such a kinship with you and the people you have on. <3
Love the show
Mister Keller is delightful who treat each guess with respect and witty sense of humor. Some of this can be over the top, but it is stillfun to listen, when I can not sleep. Patrick I bet not you o long from now you could even have radio show. :) I still think people need to be careful seeking out spirlts that could be demonic. a fellow paranerd
I've been enjoying this podcast for about two months now. I listen to it while I work out, walk my dog, and even at home. I look forward to each new episode because I always learn something new. The variety of topics discussed captures my attention. I can be caught marathoning previous episodes. Great job and thank you for providing quality content for us paranerds!
From the couple I listened to I've found more interesting than spooky, which I like. Did I mention I can only listen during the daytime.
Great show and great content!!!
I have been listening to this podcast for a few months. I have become such a fan, looking forward to new episodes every week. The Amy and Adam episode was awesome. I'm a big fan boy of this duo as well. Thanks for such a great show.
I've been listening to this podcast since July of this year (2016) and it's been an eye opening experience. Sure, there are many other podcasts that have to do with the paranormal world, but Patrick Keller really knocks it out of the park with his format. There is no other host as empathetic, kind, and informative "on the air." Whether you're trying to fill your brian space paranormal information or just listening for fun... THIS is the podcast for you! - Murray Melder
I am greatly relieved to find your show.Great show...keep it up!
This is by far my favorite Podcast. Patrick has the podcast world down pat. He has amazing guests, great stories and his show flows so well you will never get bored. I consider this man the best in paranormal/spirit podcasts. If you are not listening you need to be subscribing right now! Thank you for your hard work Patrick!
Patrick Keller sits you down in a parlor for the mind as he covers all the fantastic paranormal subjects as well as interviews with special guests. The podcast is clean, family friendly and more importantly, entertaining. Great work Patrick.
iTunes finally let me leave a review! Love the show and I had such a great time meeting you in person at the Haunted America Conference in Alton Illinois this June! Look forward to getting through all of your shows!
I love this podcast!!!! I love all of the topics dicussed and all of the information that is given by the interviews. Patrick is amazing and does and an exquisite job keeping the podcast interesting and a lot of fun to listen to. You make my work day fly by. Thank you for taking time to make this delightful podcast. You are the best!!!!!!!
Patrick is an excellent host,love the content. Keep up the awesome work. Thank You
Patrick , I've been listening to The Big Seance for approximately a year now, and I haven't missed an episode! You always manage to discuss interesting topics and ask just the right questions! From a fellow MS teacher and para nerd, you rock!